1. Sadly when Mammon is your god, respect for the sacredness of humanity and regard for the value of each and every human soul becomes obsolete!

  2. If covid, and the testings are fraudulent then governments cannot protect big pharma against lawsuits anymore. Governments are going to be liable as well.

  3. This is just insane, New Zealand must have the stupidest christians on the planet, they are all getting jabbed, with something that has an enzyme in it named Luciferase, i showed a friend 3 vids on bitchute where highly qualified Drs spelled out the danger of the jabs and he turned to me and said im getting my first shot in 2 weeks time.thats whats known as wilful ignorance,at his christian homegroup that i also went to last night, the group leader said he’d been jabbed and the pastor and all the others obviously thought that was ok even though if they did just a tiny bit of research they would know that the vaccines are bad for our bodies and our souls, and this proves that they dont really care about the Kingdom o Heaven but have concern only for this world.


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