1. Alex Jones has been right many times. Yes he was wrong on the Sandy Hook case and he has apologised for that. The Deep State are still out to get rid off him. He is not perfect and has his faults, but so do we all. At least he is out there exposing the Elites and the Globalists.

  2. @ TonyNZ:
    The Sandy Hook story is still controversial and many independent reporters proved that all was not well with the case and a lot of evidence was shown as to substantiate their remarks. Even photos of the victims were shown and then compared with photos of individuals with new names later on. Alex couldn’t prove his statements and that doesn’t remove the possible truth that may still be out there. Many cases of crisis actors have been pointed out in recent years, that seem to flirt from one ‘job’ to the other and they are the same people. There was even a theory that it had a political link to get new laws in place but mass shooting events were used as to build up cases to restrict gun ownership. It actually caused the opposite where people felt threatened and actually bought more guns. The ‘events’ were so well planned and manipulated, that it may be impossible to prove the truth, but the 911 event also shows that controlled demolition was used and still the judgement was at that time that the buildings collapsed on itself. Engineers and architects prepared well documented scientific evidence to show foul play but the political powers are stronger than the laws and it seems to be under the carpet now.

  3. @ sirme williams:
    What I remember from Sandy Hook is that it wasn’t an AR-15 that was used (the MSM said it was), yet AR-15s are being outlawed now. As for 9/11; I saw a photo of firemen looking for life in the basement of either WTC1/2 and I wondered, didn’t hundred and ten stories just pancake on that basement? How can they be walking around in an empty basement? Wasn’t it supposed to be covered/ filled with rubble?


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