1. anc must take gates Soros money. anc voters needs booster jabs monthly ..good for them

  2. The world is waking up.
    This becomes now a worldwide joke.
    I feel sorry for those who fell for it and took the jab and are now slaves of a deceiving lot of scumbags with money.
    I also feel sorry for those who did fell ill and those who died. Decent treatment could have saved their lives.
    Some people (also with money) should start their own airlines, shipping, taxi, and rail businesses for un-vax people. They will also be able to employ millions of people all over the world who lost their jobs.
    Let us see who will be the winners?
    I will keep my faith in God – the Jehovah Rapha – THE HEALER.

  3. we only need to believe in God and God alone,– he’s our supply —- hes our healer,,

  4. Pity that no one told the news anchor in the bright blue suit that his suit is 3 sizes to small…duikpakkie tight. His reporting shows that the world has gone mad.
    This is why I am preparing as much as possible as fast as possible.

    Dis lekker om in die grond te grou en te sien hoe die Here jou seen, as Hy jou saadjies laat opkom. An added plus is not having a TV.

    But the masses are firmly brainwashed, a comment I got the other day was: “You might as well get it (the jab) over & done, so we can all return to our normal lives and we can all be safe”. This from a person that was told what this is all about & what the plans for us all are.
    Yes, we should start companies that cater to the outcasts in society. It is only a matter of time. Community is going to be everything.

  5. Doing the right thing means agreeing to be jabbed with a toxic ,harmful,dangerous poison that produces deadly spike proteins in the blood supply. Im happy to do the wrong thing {in the eyes of some nutcases } and stay jab free .

  6. It’s a good thing to keep the unjabbed apart from the jabbed so the unjabbed don’t get contaminated with spike proteins emanating from the jabbed. Nowadays I don’t shake hands I bump elbows for this reason.

  7. Any relationship that gets harmed because of a personal choice like anti vax is really not strong enough to hold dear. Good riddens! Don’t need their repetitive chant to get the jab! Viva anti vaxxers 👍💖💖💖

  8. My question ❓⁉️. How would they know weather a person is or isn’t vaccinated? They are not showing their vac.cards.
    It’s the unvaccinated that should be protected from the vaccinated.

  9. They are leaving us no option but to turn into “criminals”


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