1. Anyone who even suggests “calling on the Government” has a hole in their head. They are just plain delusional! Wake up man! This has been a crisis for years and has not improved but got worse. It is barely hanging on by a thread for peats-sake. Which only shows the ANC Government has no intention of fixing this issue, but are the problem to begin with. Eskom could do a better job if they did not have Government’s over-reaching interference, have the capacity to hire who is right for the job, and fire who is not right for the job and choose their own suppliers that aren’t ANC cadre’s or their affiliations. The corruption at Eskom is only a sniff of the ANC’s corruption. All their corruption combined reeks to high heaven. The only thing that will fix South Africa is every single one of these ANC buggers at the end of a rope in a noose. Finished and klaar!!!! Stop being stupid and thinking the Government will fix anything, because if you really think that then you are a part of the problem!!!!

  2. Electricity was efficient ,reliable and cheap in the days of white govt, but now Eskom is struggling big time because theres now a black govt in power, thats the bottom line here ,i know its a bit blunt to put it this way but it has to be said because thats the truth., In Rhodesia the black one party state communist govt of the satanic Mugabe ruined hat the whites built up and now the same things happening in SA, at the hands of another black communist govt and SA is in effect a one party state with the ANC/EFF domination.

  3. and then u still get white people who marry these evil people, sleep with them,have children with them, and call Mandela a struggle hero

  4. The nwo end game was planned a long time ago and unfortunately the exposed system we live in made it public knowledge then that we had to start upgrading our electrical grid and build new power stations by 2008 and 2014 and all the nwo terrorists had to do was making sure that never happens. For SA to be changed into a communist country with other global sheeple nations, the power grid had to be sabotaged and the money hungry anc cadre fitted perfectly for the job. Were whites still in power, the price for sabotage would just have been a bit higher, but the nwo components made sure that all key positions are occupied by trustworthy bribed free masons and illuminati that swore an oath to a goat god that is superior to any laws of a country. From the head to the tail, SA has been compromised and the real rulers subverting the globe are part of a special race looking white but actually fitting into a unique race group with a touch of reptilian tokoloshe blood. What is pathetic is that the blacks controlling SA now are actually willing to give it all away to this group and so lose all their independence and self-rule they wanted so dearly. They had 25 years of ‘freedom’ and they used the freedom to destroy SA and themselves. They stand a chance if they stand up to the nwo low life with their fake virus games, and chase them out of SA and Africa.

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