1. It’s hard to think that rich people just hate earth and only loves money. And l know it’s not all of them.

  2. COVID is a currency war and cash is king: Western militaries have been caught using Ukraine as a biolab (before COVID started) to test ways of poisoning or contaminating banknotes; they deliberately want to make banknotes so dangerous that everybody will be forced to stop using cash. Also the 666 jabs turn your body into a digital currency. So Why now? In 10 years time, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from the sun will destroy +50% of the world’s computers. Therefore online banking and online shopping will become dysfunctional for a year or two, so everybody will be forced to switch back to cash provided the cash systems are still up and running before the EMP strikes. The EMP will also make governments dysfunctional for a while and so militias (or rebels) can use the EMP opportunity to quickly take back control of their local governments and lands, provided the militias have prepared cash systems in advance. COVID is therefore designed to turn us into digital zombies so when the EMP strikes we will be wondering around aimlessly begging central government to rescue us (and millions will die waiting to be rescued). With the latest technology available it is now possible for any person (or community) to create their own currency that is impossible to counterfeit. I wish for everybody to break free from centralized government and central reserve banks. If you want a revolution then cash is your “king”, but you must start preparing now.

  3. One of the US’s objectives was to capture the European energy market. The United States and their allies have taken control of Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian oil and gas resources. The price of oil has not favoured the costly expansion of fracking for gas in the US (which is also alleged to cause the contamination of aquifers), the US en kie need to expand their market.
    When it became clear that Germany and that some EU member Nations would not be easily convinced to cancel Russia’ NordStream project, it would appear that another strategy was devised to align Europe against Russia which would also justify American and UN Sanctions being brought against Russia. The EU would be without gas which would pave the way for gas US exports at enormous cost to Europe and rejuvenate the fracking industry in the US. The NordStream project was a project that would see gas delivered to European countries at much lower cost as the pipeline would likely not be subject to transnational transit charges nor storage charges enroute to Europe.

  4. i am very surprised that so few people realise that the USA is the cause of 99% of the worlds wars and conflicts, do you people realise how the US government backs one group in a country-supplies them with weapons and assists them to overthrow the government, then those same rebels groups turn against the same USA government who helped them take over, then after that, the next rebel group is helped too by USA government to overthrow next group..it all only goes about money and nothing about helping anyone,


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