1. Morrison supposedly is a christian, and a regular church attendee. The question i have for him is this, Yeshua instructs us to love the God of heaven and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves,and so is coercing our neighbour to take an untested potentially dangerous drug , loving ones neighbour. Morrison is doing exactly the opposite in forcing a harmful depopulation drug on Australians and is therefore cannot even remotely be considered a christian walking in in Gods ways.

  2. He committed suicide by taking the poison. Finally the truth. So now we can stop others from committing suicide. Your body is the temple of the Lord. You do not put poison into it.

  3. The dangerous side of arresting the criminals in all the countries, is the treaties they have with each other. If one is in trouble with uprising, another will assist to put it down. Some time ago last year, Ramaphosa and Kenia had a squabble and then they came to an agreement after talks and also to assist each other to ensure mutual safety and security. So Australia may have an agreement with the Philippines or other. So when it comes to shooting citizens, that it will be easier to shoot at another culture or group of persons.

  4. If you willingly take the so called vaccine you are committing suicide. If a parent, or an employer, or a government force you to take the vaccine then they are committing MURDER…….PEOPLE WAKE UP PLEASE….THEY WANT YOU DEAD

  5. That guy who died in France and the insurance company wouldn’t pay out because suicide is not included in their policy – Is coercion included?

  6. This world is the closest to heaven folks like Fauci and like minded will ever get. And this world is the closest to hell the believers in Christ will ever get.

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