1. Time for the Indian community in Phoenix to prep. Might I suggest they buy up as many flea collars as possible to wear around their necks. The EFF cadres are infested with fleas. They will not come near a flea repellant collar. Another suggestion would be for the Indians to collect as many chameleons as they can find and place them in cages on their property fences.

    All this may sound flippant and far fetched to many, but believe me the Zulu are terrified of chameleons. Now if only we can persuade a few Tokoloshes to join the party !!! 😂

  2. The Indian community could be in serious jeopardy if they don’t start organizing and preparing right now…they gave overestimated their connection with SA’s black community.😪😪😪

  3. The only viable solution is for the minorities to secede. Cape Province to Kei River, OFS, Western Transvaal. Other areas to be added in time.
    The unitary state created by De Klerrk, Wessels and Meyer (at the behest of the man on Stellenbosch and the man in Johannesburg) CANNOT CONTINUE TO FUNCTION.

    One connot win a defensive war. One cannot defend an infinite border. Cession is the ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION.


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