1. Must be the vaccines these shammers are embracing with their lifes that are causing their brain cells to mulfunction.
    Well, in that case be my guest and have another booster, maybe it will help you regain a bit of sanity.
    My blood just boils when I listen to this barratry 😡

  2. The governments are murdering their citizens…when are they going to be punished. This is worse than nazi germany. This is worldwide genocide

  3. God forbid Scott but i think you going to be arrested soon with all this info

  4. Wow. This is scary Scott. I pray for us all ..They won’t us all died. But fighting is the only way now.

  5. Scott, I’m praying you won’t be arrested!😲 All the governments are pushing the jabs.
    My blood boils when I see all the brain 🧠 washed idiots lining up to be poisond.😥😡


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