1. its natural that big pharma will be against ivermectin and the social elite because it goes about the money trail,,, they will be not getting there share of the slice of the cake,

  2. Why are these evil people in power? The times of our world is far worse than in the times of Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar. We have been kicked out of places because of non-compliance in accordance with the the Bible. Now these evil people will kill innocent sick people in the hospitals. Many are dying on the ventilators. Nurses and doctors need to stand up to Godliness, and they need to stop doing the dirty work for these evil bankers.

  3. Sorry, it’s stand up for Christ. Nurses and doctors need to stand up for Godliness. They must stop doing the dirty work for these evil tyrants in power. These evil tyrants only care about money and don’t care about the normality of human beings. Stand up to this evil government and do what Jesus would do. Jesus healed the sick and told his followers to do same. Jesus did not cull the sick on ventilators. Please help save lives by not letting the hospital staff carry out the evil works of these wicked men in power.


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