1. If it isn`t the medical side of this hoax that should worry us;prophylactic and remedial medication is widely available(if handed out),vitamin C and D,minerals are available in abundance,a healthy life style and a balanced diet,a brisk walk on the beach in fresh air is affordable for all, then what is the purpose of this punch and Judy show?
    Everybody with a grain of common sense left can answer this:the great herding-up,the world slowly turned into one big Gulag where the stupies are made useful for now,and allowed to vegetate and die under the fascistic rule of an autocracy living the high life on islands and in highly secured gated communities(as if they are afraid of something…)
    We are in the phase of”Bleed them dry”,the economic reset. Next year,the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies will occur,triggered by the pull out of the carpet from under the US $(25% of all US $$ circulating the world is printed this year backed by….nothing.For next year the same amount is planned=50% of all $$ are..fake),after that it will be a piece of cake;the stupies are,with the help of the covid hoax,already conditioned into obedient cattle and our salvator is waiting in the wings: Let`s ask Claus Schwab what ideas he has to tackle this hysteria. Give him a hand audience,or else….

  2. One hundred per cent correct It’s time to take a concerted stand against the evil globalists

  3. Julie,

    Yes, we have to be careful but we have to be real too!

    Ivermectin, was part of the cocktail used on Donald Trump, when he tested positive for the Covid, so if it is good enough and safe enough for the President of the USA, then it should be good enough for us too!

    Don’t let big Pharma pull the wool over your eyes, with their false reporting, in their attempts to push the vaccine agenda!

  4. Hello Julie,
    I think you should listen to what this doctor says. This doctor has 100’s of pages/reports of 100% success ..he’s pleading here for the NIH should review their manuscripts & data.

  5. OK, I have my reasonable doubts. There are too many holes in the narrative for me and I distance myself from any injections whats so ever. I did not even get the flu in over 40 years. I live in a region that I love the weather here all year long. My doctor is not from earth, but HE is my heavenly Loving Father, the Jehovah Rapha – the ONE that heals. Do you know him? Contact me and I will gladly introduce HIM to you. I know HIM personally and I speak to HIM like a friend to a friend. This is not a joke. On Loving Life, you will NOT find fake news. Salute.

  6. It’s unbelievable just how these people have been lying to us and keep on lying to us.

  7. A bullet might be a good xmas pressie for Santa Kluus (Duus). I am trying to find the ingredients for the vet ine, i have contacted Dr Kory for dosages but they cannot give me much info on the animal one. Please feel free to email me so that I can share with you what I have so far. Any ideas & heads in the fight are a blessing.
    LOVE you guys!
    Keep it up.

  8. The article you placed here is from August 18th 2020 at exactly 7:16am, and the doctor clearly stated that this data is old, since then, there has been 30 more trials done and completed proving otherwise.
    Not to mention that Ivermectin has much more of a leg to stand on than the vaccine that is being forced upon us.

  9. I see you can share the link though, by clicking on the options just below the video, or we could just copy and paste the link, lol, I agree with you though, would be nice to download it. 😀

  10. Hi there,

    I am DEFINATELY going to build the ability to DOWNLOAD videos and other material on this website, into the functionalities… slowly day by day I am adding more funcionalities.

    The list of Priorities is a very long one though… and I absolutely HAVE TO work to a schedule of most important to not so important.

    2 Days ago, for instance, you could not even SHARE to all the Social Media outlets, or properly Like the article… or even each individual comment here… but now you can!

    So, kindly be patient with me and with Loving Life, as we develop. The Home Page has a clear Notice on, that we are still busy developing, but we are making radical and fast progress, as we go.

    Thanks for understanding,
    Rudi Geldenhuys

  11. yes of course thy will lie,,, because bill gates isnt going to make money out of it,, so that is why its being banned

  12. Yo Rudi, bro, it’s my understanding that you’re not only doing this alone, but also doing so in your own time. That said, we’re still getting all this in record time!
    Great work!

  13. Remember most of the doctors are in cahoots with the people telling the lies because most probably they are at risk of having their practices closed down or their licenses cancelled if they counter anything that these liers are saying.

  14. @ Julie:
    Hi Julie this drug is used for 40years the vaccine maybe 40days….big difference. There is a reason behind the baning. They want to depopulised us. We much wake up

  15. I think all the elite terrorists are in their own kingdoms in their realities. We should ban together with the leaders that have proven to be for the people, and hunt them down and court marshal them and send them to a island with their co- co-conspiriters and let them fight each other for control. And let us remain free

  16. wrote:

    I think all the elite terrorists are in their own kingdoms in their realities. We should ban together with the leaders that have proven to be for the people, and hunt them down and court marshal them and send them to a island with their co-conspiriters and let them fight each other for control. And let us remain free

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  18. Please note that Paul Marik is mentioned in the video. He studied at Wits University and is a leader in his field.

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  20. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:Here in South Africa we should not let them get away with the banning of Ivermectin. I’m going to email Afriforum, Outa and the DA with the Clinical Trials done by Doctor Pierre Kory and his team. I’m hoping someone will listen and openly question the banning of Ivermectin. If I was a scientist, I would want to research this drug. I would want to corroborate my findings with Doctor Kory and other scientists and doctors, but to just ban it outright and threaten anyone who brings it in with prison…….something is not kosher.
    You mentioned that President Trump took Ivermectin…..this I have not heard before. Please mention your source of this information.

  21. Source:
    NB: Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug used for river blindness, lymphatic filariasis and other Neglected Tropical Diseases. It also has some antiviral effect against SINGLE-STRAIN “RNA” VIRUSES like Dengue and Yellow fever. Early in April, researchers from Australia reported that IVERMECTIN INHIBITS THE replication OF SARS-CoV-2 IN VITRO.

  22. @ Julie:
    Julie is a big pharma troll. Haha. No-one likes your lies.
    Just like Hydroxychloroquine is bad and doesn’t work.

  23. @ klaaswertmann:
    @ deon:
    Should I ever bump into you somewhere, I’ll bluetooth ìt to you.

  24. Here we have constituted finite proof that this entire faux pandemic has been carefully planned, engineered and orchestrated for very evil specific goals, boding only severe misery and doom for humanity.

  25. @ Martin:
    Ms N D-Zuma is a doctor in tropical diseases if I’m not mistaken? She should therefore be familiar with Ivermectin. Fascinating

  26. @ Loving Life:
    Is there anyone on here that I could please perhaps call for some informal advice on Ivermectin dosage?

    My Dad is 86 and 10 days into Covid and feeling terrible as you’d expect.
    Blood oxygen just went towards 85% which would usually be hospital territory but in Margate they’re full and only taking patients at below 80%.
    A friend is also infected and has a source of Ivermectin liquid and has taken 2ml himself though I’m worried about dosage without medical advise.
    Doctors don’t want to advise with it not being legal.

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