1. that’s how thy work,, one covers for the other one, that’s why the country will never come right

  2. the court should just lock Cele up as well, that would be great!!

  3. Maybe we should carve the law onto Cele’s… hat so he can study it at night when he is sitting, hat in hand, pondering his useless empty life. Twit

  4. If ANY Judicial sanity prevails, both the Application in the Pietermaritzburg High Court and the Application for Recision of the Constitutional Court judgment WILL HAVE TO fail!

    FIRSTLY: The PMB High Court has no jurisdiction to even hear or entertain the Application brought by ZUMA to stay his Arrest. This Lower Court cannot and may not overturn the Apex Court (Constitutional Court) decision… this is such clear and contrite Law in South Africa!!

    SECONDLY: The Constitutional Court will be hearing ZUMA’s Application for Recision of Judgment on Monday. Now without being too technical about Recision Applications, the IMPORTANT parts of such a Recision Application would have to be that you have GROUNDS for Recision… and ZUMA’s failure to submit Pleadings in front of the Constitutional Court at the time he should have (THAT IS IN THE CONCOURT JUDGMENT) alone, blows this Application for Recision out of the water!! His Legal Team at the time failed miserably in their duties and obligations at the time!

    People, Monday’s Application for Recision of the ConCourt Judgment is not an appeal, it is not a foreign concept… Recision Applications are ollllllldddd and established Law in South Africa… nothing new or sinister… but therefore because it is old, properly precedented Law in SA, it has to adhere to those principles already laid down for Recision Applications!!

    If ZUMA wanted his ARREST stayed (pending the result of the Recision Application), he should also have brought THAT Application in front of the ConCourt, and NEVER in Pietermaritzburg, full stop!!

    That there will be hell to play if any FORCE attempts to arrest ZUMA at Nkandla… that you can be assured of!

    But maybe the ARREST will spark something very, very good for us as minorities in South Africa, because THEN it will be Zulu against ANC, black against black violence… and it could cause a Civil War amongst those factions… which will mean we, as a minority white population will not be in the midst of those fighting factions!! That could save our bacon, whilst we attempt to make our own local little towns safer for our people, by means of our already very strong Community Safety Structures, which will only grow stronger in that eventuality.

    Maybe THAT is the catalist for the change we so desperately need in South Africa!!

  5. as we knew 30 years ago south africa would ruled by terrorist camp standards as the economy and education and logic would be assigned to the poo pits of azania . not long now out spoken critics of the state will be put in prison gulags along with family. anyone remember president idi amin the cannibal lunatic 1970s uganda .he was a big friend of the anc clowns .

  6. A High Court (or higher Court) judgement can only be rescinded in the following instances:

    1. The judgement was “sought or granted in error” or,
    2. The affected Party was not in “willful default” and “good cause” exists, i.e. you have a bona fide defence.

    Now let’s look at the above criteria and apply it to ZUMA…

    He will not succeed on either ground…

    Definately not No 2 because he was indeed in “willful default” by not submitting his Opposing Documentation to the ConCourt… the letter he sent does not conform to requirements clearly laid out. Luckily the Majority (7) to Minority (2) Judgment of the ConCourt clearly stipulated that Zuma did not submit the correct opposing documentation, they just differed about direct jail time or not…

    Regarding No 1… it is and always was clear that he was indeed in Contempt Of Court… so the Judgment was not granted in error either!!

    For there to be ANY Credibility going forward, the ConCourt needs to re-assert their status as absolutely the highest Court in South Africa, full stop! If Recision is granted, we can all kiss our asses goodbye!!


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