1. I am not surprised, as you said we knew this was coming. All I know is God and the Devil are not finish with him yet. He still has a role to play and karma waiting at the end of it.

  2. Maybe he will be safer in hospital for now, till he puts all his secrets onto a stiffy. He is a chess player. Some has died in care too.
    Go well L.L. family

  3. This was predictable. The timing is just TOO good. What’s the betting that he is probably not even under guard or handcuffed to his hospital bed? Besides that, he will more than likely have been held in a single cell and given preferential treatment for food. It just beggars belief, even if it isn’t surprising.

  4. zuma head of nat 70s butchered his own men cadres by the hundreds at camp 13 camp quatro angola. the mk clowns who went to fight the R L I and were failures . they were round up by anc to camp 13 buried up to their neck and had plastic bags over the head the end. your dear jacob the serial killer ..his cadres called him the butcher . check out t r c trial 1995.

  5. Those acts, if true, are war crimes. They should push for Zuma to be deported for war crimes trial just like they did to the Yugoslavians, no difference…

    If it’s good for one group should be good for all…

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