1. Thanks to Muzi for explaining their devotion to a perceived king.
    There is going to be black on black violence and war whilst Ramadumbfuck waves his mask around.

    I foresee Siener van Rensburg’s final prophecy being fulfilled.

  2. Only 15 months! When you consider the evil this man has brought to this country, and the many lives he has harmed he should be put in jail and the key thrown away.

  3. but just remember —he’s very clever,, he’s only going to sit a third of 15 months,,, then when he comes out his friends in the high court will overrule any further sentences given to him if he’s prosecuted for the corruption and fraud cases,

  4. @ Dan Berriman:
    but just remember he’s very clever,, he’s only going to sit a third of 15 meaning maybe 5 months—that’s if he’s going to go to jail at all–then when he’s taken to court for the other crimes he’s going to appeal and we know he’s friends in the appeal court will overrule the high court judge and say he’s served his time,, look what happened to his Shabir shak case and his rape case,all thrown out by his and court judge friends

  5. Scott you know oodez. What do you think if his take on Zuma. He has 3 videos out on this. Will be interesting to see your view on this


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