1. I do believe that that ANC aren’t feeding their soldiers which of course is totally unacceptable!! They aren’t paying their staff either!
    I don’t find what MALemma is saying to be untrue BUT at the same time the EFF intimidates people ALL the time, so ja!!

  2. What makes Malema so dangerous is that he is the best ‘spin doctor’ in South African politics….probably in the history of South Africa. Malema is not stupid his supporters are. Brushing him off as stupid makes him less dangerous in our eyes and is one of the most dangerous things we can do. This character is more ruthless than what you think he is, he wants to be the emperor of Africa.

  3. Sometimes wonder how these guys think. Seem to forget that a soldiers life is high risk at times. Think what soldiers had to endure during the times of the first world war in the trenches, mud, rain, cold food when they were lucky, being blasted apart by mortars and bullets. What of the terrible times in the second world war, where German soldiers in Russia slaughtered horses to have something to eat. War is a time of deprivation,and soldiers have to endure this. Problem is we now have pampered, weak soldiers to protect us. Man up, or do you want to follow the trend of the USA,military, which is being softened by woke ,racial and gender bullshit.
    Imagine such an army going up against the disciplined hardened Chinese military at this time. Hulle sal n pak kry soos nooit tevore nie.

  4. Malema is untouchable and treated with kid gloves, why? Beacause he is protected by the ANC corrupt Government. In reality he is of insignificant importance, they just use him to draw us away from more serious things happening of which they do not want us to know about.


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