1. please ask the Doctor if he knows of the resonant curve of electrical circuits and of different types of metals . the 5g transmission they are starting to build will have the ability to cause effects in metals in the body will it not? thereby causing people to react accordingly and change their overall psycology? my opinion

  2. forgot to add that in the U.S. or what used to be the U.S. b/4 the time of the minorities. bell labs a noted organization here at one time found that the human body and mind is greatly affected by magnetic fields an high frequency transmissionthis was in 1958.

  3. iks wrote:

    forgot to add that in the U.S. or what used to be the U.S. b/4 the time of the minorities. bell labs a noted organization here at one time found that the human body and mind is greatly affected by magnetic fields an high frequency transmission this was in 1958.

  4. Hi Scott, Is it possible to to send this video and Dr. Herman Edeling’s video to the doctor in the USA as was mentioned during

    Dr. Edelig’s interview. Thanks.

  5. Please see if you can send this to Prs. D. Trump. I understand he is going to be talking on a open platform. Apparently he is
    turning against vaxx.

  6. Scott I do not understand but damn sure it would be more humane if governments and all health organizations through out the whole world would have introduced family planning to people to do a very minor vasectomy for men. In order to do population control. It does no damage at all a test after 3 months to confirm he cannot impregnate any woman that is proof that it works. Only 2 days a little discomfort and it is all over. Doctors confirmed this, and I have herd of proof of that is works 100%.
    If billions of men had this done all over the world population would have looked a hell of a lot different. A procedure like this also has no side effects on a mans hormones. Not at all, not near like hysterectomy’s effect woman hormones.
    What would people in general think about this. Versus Jabs.

  7. @ Moira0070:
    FB don’t like me after I asked the twits why they were not keeping to their own policies. Its actually a compliment:)
    Anywhere else I can watch this?

  8. @ iks:
    Here in Portugal they activated a new frequency more than a year ago, which I imagine it to be the 5G, they are boosting the frequency gradually. They boosted it up again about three weeks ago, possibly a satellite. I know this because I can feel the frequencies. Yet, some months ago they probably tested another sort of different one which is even worse than the present one, maybe the 6G.

  9. It looks like the GO particles must have some magnetic qualities or that they have a positive and negative pole each, that automatically ‘chain’ up with each other once they are in magnetic reach of each other and these strands then form another tie up with the crystals or magnetic ‘cutters’ (some grade of stainless steel can also be magnetic) and these actually form LIKE CHAINSAWS and different frequencies can then activate these chains and they SAW UP THE BLOOD VESSELS as they twist and turn. (See the shapeshifting blood cells) Different heat situations may also cause twists and turns. The blood vessels are thus turning into a mess and ‘rots’ and the overload can’t be excreted fast enough and with a bad immune system it can cause fever and kill us. The blood vessels are also positive and negative and get stuck on these strands not delivering oxygen to the body or circulating to do their job. It would be an advantage to be able to make microscopic videos of the samples, then we can see it twisting and cutting.

  10. Maybe because of negative type (watery blood type) these cloggings don’t occur and that is why some don’t see any side affects after the jabs.
    Negative blood types must be investigated by dr. Philippe because it is also “alien blood’ and that is what they are also killing off….
    the ape blood type (positive blood types)??

  11. Other doctors in Germany also did what Philippe did with the same questions and disgust and outrage. They should contact one another to exchange findings.

  12. It is interesting about the parasites being present, because that may be why Iver mectin (killing parasites like Malaria and Zika malaria) etc are working in a way, but additional treatment is needed to attend to the GO.

  13. According to Dr David Martin, the planning and conspiracy with the virus and vaccines and patents, have been going on for a long time already and dates like 2002 etc are mentioned. So there is no way that they DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING and what the outcome of the vaccines would be. This must have a link with Jeff Epstein and the Clinton Foundation and the Gates, where Gates could have had access to children of different ages as to do gene therapy and vaccine experiments on them all in secret and paying Epstein for his ‘trouble’ would not be an issue. Also questions have been asked on the web some years ago “what happened to the homeless on the streets in California?” Once again, no one would investigate this seriously. So by the time the pandemic was launched, they have already gone through the animal and human testing phases and they were SATISFIED that all should go according to plan. They know the LONG TERM AFFECTS and they knew they could control governments or key individuals via the Epstein blackmail system and the freemason/ illuminati network.

  14. @ sirme williams:

    All those microbiologists dying mysteriously a few years back … they probably knew about


  15. I also follow Reinhardt Fuellmich, the lawyer who wants to go to courts with this very evil jabs. Thank you Scott and Dr Phillippe. We appreciate your knowledge of this subject. Thank you for keeping us informed.


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