1. Scott, Alan Paton wrote that wonderful story “Cry the beloved country” and that is all we can do. Cry.SA must surely be listed as one of the saddest countries in the world, and saddest of all for me is the people of the country. I had always seen the blacks as a people with vast potential, but a people sadly who have thrown it all away. My heart cries for them, for what they have become.
    They now have created the impression, that they are a nation with no meaningful goals, no true heritage, no pride in themselves or their history. Bedeviled by the worst possible self-image imaginable.
    My appeal to them is to stand up, realize your self-worth, it has got nothing to do with your skin color, stop using the excuse of Apartheid and racism for all of your failings. Accept that Christ through His death gave you full freedom to overcome all obstacles. Inherently you have so many beautiful characteristics. Your wonderful sense of humor, your love, your consideration, your kindness, your respect for others. Sadly these things seem to be fading away in the distance. Oh, Africa, Black SA, take them back, Christ has set you free to take them back, turn from those things like Ancestral worship, witch doctors, la bola that so insults the true worth of your woman and move forward to what God wants for you.

  2. I agree, Dan. They should also abandon their evil witchcraft and their disgusting over consumption of alcohol.

  3. As the Rothschild Communist controlled New World Order have the criminally inclined, uneducated and largely uncivilized South African black population as over eager and enthusiastic running dogs at their beck and call, they have a field a day in the total destruction and eradication of the real South African history and heritage. Because the foundation of the for the development of South Africa, as recognized internationally as the most developed country on the African continent, it has become critical for the cultural Marxist lowlife scum to utterly obliterate all of the heritage of this country with particular attention to that which has been contributed by the WHITE population!!! Here we have the Goyim Agenda element in operation as envisaged by the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.


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