1. Klaus Schwab is a fairy Prime Evil…a real devil’s deciple. I cannot wait to see him hanging from the end of a rope. But they better drive a stake through his heart to make sure that he is truly dead

  2. Hmm , reminds me of a fable …The Emperor’s Clothes …as for the rest of this video ..I started watching and just became so sick..I cannot watch it….these satan’s spawn should get poisoned with what they use here in South Africa to poison innocent animals…it’s called ” Two Step “. The poor dogs litterally give two steps and then suffers the most agonising death, it can last hours or if the animal is ” lucky ” the suffering can last only a while . But perhaps in these spawn of satan it is to mercifull

  3. Diiiiisgusting! 👹

    And the orphans they experimented on probably died and were silently disposed off, the blood of the innocent must avenged.

    Even harmless animals are not safe from them.

  4. Keep an eye on Barack Obama ,i think he ticks all the boxes for the anti-christ , a man of total deceit, has no desire for women, his wifes a guy name of Michael, hes anti-christian and a muslim, he still is the actual President of the US as Bidens just a manipulated frontman and he holds a powerful position in the UN.

  5. Helen Clarke and Jacinda Ardern were both trained by Herr Schwab. No wonder Jabcinda is so gleefully implementing the vaccine mandates here in NZ. I am sure she is being well rewarded.

  6. Are we quite sure that is Klaus Schwab? The left photo certainly looks like him side on. The right photo, not sure. Left and right are the same person though.
    Re ‘the elite trust each other more than ever and can come together….’ that is because they are Sabbateans/Frankists who therefore ‘come together’ in more ways than one LOL.
    What arrogance these WEF billionaires have. They have lost touch with reality on their mountain top, that is, if they weren’t born as psychopaths.

  7. How do you get 195 countries’ leaders to act in lockstep when a ‘new germ’ is announced? You train them up at a special school created by the billionaires and trillionaires to be their good little puppets. More interesting, these future young puppet leaders had to ASK to be accepted by the school and were vetted (no doubt for useful character flaws). These students WANTED to rule nations! Egoic narcissists?

  8. @ Wernher Korff:
    Sad that so called “christians” are paedophiles and like extracting taxes/tithes and “drinking the blood” of the innocent every Sunday. They murder, have and no concience pretend that they are the way to God, and “annointed”. They also confess their sins and then on Monday, do more of the same!

    Evil in plain sight.

    They are disgusting!

  9. One has to wonder if the deputy to cr was joining in on the beach during his so called visit to a Russian hospital. Imagine seeing him also in his fairy outfit, taking orders from Klausie.


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