1. Can we get a camp for unjected. We bring our monies together, plant seeds and grow vegetables for food to eat. Time us running out very soon we can’t access our monies from the bank. We are stronger together. …just an idea

  2. @ seekingrefuge:
    Brilliant idea!!!

    We all need to create a forum to connect confidentially-even across continents.

  3. Scott , as I wrote in an earlier article 2 days ago . Take the following into consideration.
    The supposed vaxes have been declared as experimental drugs . Whenever they experiment they have to give placebos to at least half of the participants. In this case , with all the lab rats and other animals dead within a week , they decided to go ahead with the tests on humans as they are still doing until 2023 . Only , this time its not 50 : 50 placebo and test meds . Its 85 % placebo and 15 % real meds. The outcome has shown in the results that it is lethal . The 15 % die within an hour to a few weeks suffering tremendously along the way until they die. You did report that they claim if you die within 2 weeks after the vax then its not because of the injection. So , because we know it is and there are supposedly 14 000 deaths in the UsA on the VAERS statistical charts , it is therefore a hell of a lot higher.
    Now getting back to the 85 % who got placebo shots . They dont come to any harm from the saline solution injected into them and they become the vax advocates . They promote the vax and the pharma companies use them as a good example to back their claim that it is safe . Thats why they are called vax advocates.
    The whole aim of this is to buy time . Time is of essence and much is needed to get the whole world jabbed ( also to make masses of money ) and as such they put the advocates on camera who claim all is hunky dory . Then , everyone gets a second shot and the same rules apply . Some of the advocates get sick , but not more than 15 % . They get replaced by the new recipients who are being jabbed for the first time , with saline solution. In the meantime more are getting sick and dying and now they use that as an excuse to get another and another jab and more are dying faster . So all they can say , which is what they have already started saying, is that the patients are dying from their former co-morbidities .

    Now about the politicians in countries where the most ruthless and intimidating methods were used to encourage the public to take the jab, the politicians are seeing that the people are realizing their traitorous stance in the supposed pandemic and are now worrying because they will have to flee soon . The legal repercussions are damning to them and if the courts refuse then they will also have to run and hide to save their arses. They will be killed and they know that . So in OZZies case its too late to turn it around for the politicians . They have gone too far and they know that their days are numbered. Likewise in a number of other countries.

  4. The only explanation for this ‘logic’ must be the previous years of vaccinating against the flu and those vaccines contained drugs including GO and heroin, and people got addicted to it and THEY LOVE BEING PRICKED. THOSE VACCINES DUMBED THEM DOWN and resulted in the lack of reasoning and is now a disease.

  5. Well done again Scott!! And it’s not just Australia!!! Bloody fool sheep politicians 🤮 Good back pocket stuff though?

  6. Or as some are saying it is the jabbed who are going to be targeted not the unjabbed…


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