1. always love to watch your videos, and naturally your prayer,, you flying over beautiful part of the country,, Pilgrims rest,, this time a good take off,

  2. Yes … the flight was great. I loved the animated elephants.
    I have been to England, Germany and the rest of Europe and even the far east, yet I have hardly travelled my own country.
    Quite honestly I have never been further than Pretoria. I have heard of the Blyde River Canyon, but never been there.
    I would really love to go there someday.
    As @ anthonygermany: says it’s a beautiful part of the country, that just makes me more determined to go there.
    I love canyons and rivers.

  3. Thank you, Br.Dan, that was an amazing trip or should I say flight. I think those people in the H/A Balloons must also had a lovely time flying in silence over a game reserve and not disturbing the animals below.
    The prayer was very moving and very deep and must have been a joy to God to hear the prayer our of a child of His to pray with such a sincere heart. Thank you for that – I drowned myself into that prayer.
    May God also bless the land still coming up in your next flights and exploring our beautiful country in this remarkable way.


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