1. To my British brother who read the prayer, that was a beautiful and powerful prayer. Thank you.
    May Yahshua bless you and your family in every way.

    Dan, you’re lucky that animated grass is smooth, otherwise take off would have been awkward.
    When that hippo attacked your car and you were screaming like a girl, I was suddenly craving popcorn.
    As for the landing, I won’t lie, I’m still feeling dizzy.


  2. Thank you Dan and every intercessor and watchmen on the wall. Forward and upward as we look up for our redemption draws near.

  3. mark—-i just love your sharp comments, i thought the same when he tried to take off on the grass

  4. @ Mark Garnett:
    hehehehehhee yes i just love your comments,, i have tears in my eyes,,

  5. Mark it was the wind I promise you, all I was thinking was climb climb climb.
    After the landing I agree with you I also needed popcorn,to quieten my squeaky little voice.
    Thank you Keith my brother for a very spiritual prayer.

  6. Dan we will have to get you on a better diet than McDonalds and KFC lol … maybe that will help with take offs 🙂 – love the prayer ….


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