1. Thank you Scott for such a comforting and wonderful message. My heart goes out to those that are affected even in the smallest way. May the Lord provide everyone with the strength they need to heal and rebuild.

    Amen Scott, you are so right, time is running short. Today is the day of salvation. People please take the leap if you have not yet. You do not want to spend eternity separated from God, kicking yourself over a poor decision. Eternity is a very long time to be wrong. The signs are all coming to pass, just as prophesied. Your soul is precious to the Lord. But by His grace He has given you the option to make that choice. It is my most sincere prayer that you will make the right one. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Please answer His call.

    Durban / KZN has had floods before and has been a high risk flooding area for decades now. I can remember my Grandparent’s garden being washed away many years ago when I was still up in Johannesburg. But this ANC government has done absolutely nothing to fix the issue at all. The have built zero flood preventive infrastructure, which could have prevented a lot of this devastation.

    Now Cyril is pushing the “climate change” narrative like a good little puppet. This “climate change” agenda is also all part of the New World Order propaganda. It started with “global warming” and that was proven false, so now it’s “climate change”. It is believed that the powers that be have had technology to manipulate weather for a long time now. The project is called HAARP located in Alaska. Of course they deny it, but hey, usually where there is smoke there is fire. “Climate change” is all baloney. It’s basically about taxing you for the air you breathe. So you can be charged for what is called “carbon tax”. It’s all pure deception like everything else in “The Great Reset” narrative.

  2. My heart’s aching right now. Lord wrap those affected by these floods in your arms.
    I pray for comfort, support and healing in Jesus name,…but especially the healing of our land, its leaders and it’s people.
    Peace Scott – Shalom

  3. This is very very tragic. I just pray that this was not caused by weather manipulation


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