1. Shocked???? Nope!!!! We are raped and burgled by these soulless cretins everyday. The only thing that DID shock me, was that she didn’t have one of those huge Biddulphs moving trucks and the blue light brigade escorting her.

    Affirmative shopping at it’s finest. Not one shred of shame. Shame it seems this poor little rich woman’s mansion was running out of supplies. Don’t worry about the poor people, the children and the elderly especially, that have lost everything. I bet that won’t be on Carte Blanche or SABC 6 o clock news any time soon.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: In South Africa, one man’s devastation, is another cretin’s gain!!!!!

    It reminds me of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Let’s just say it did not turn out too well for the rich man.

  2. Here we go again, and i suspect the aid came from mostly white people. Greed,dishonesty,narcississm and incompetence ,its the story of post colonial sub-saharan Africa.

  3. next time someone says “blacks” are the same as people-direct them here-has it turned yet? sickening just like the u s?

  4. You have all expressed it so eloquently, there is nothing to add. The only word that comes close to describing this deplorable savage: disgusting in the extreme.

  5. @ iks:
    Most African nations are very disfunctional and then theres Haiti and look at the mainly black cities in the US such as Detroit, Govt corruption ,violence, incompetence,squalour and no ordinary maintenance. Interesting that white liberals telling us that blacks and whites are exactly the same, prefer to stay in their comfortable white middleclass suburbs.

  6. Hi everyone. Please note that this situation has been totally taken out of context and a misunderstanding. Ethekwini was not trying to steal any donations. There was stock donated to them which they were coming to collect. Due to a miscommunication between volunteers and Ethekwini donations stock was taken in error. Everything has been returned. Please ensure this is communicated and if possible delete from all platforms and stop sharing. Thank you

  7. it come out the bush walking only in south africa .the vertical cockroach anc members

  8. i dont care if its a misplaced video I still say 3/4 of the stock does get stollen,,thy are born corrupt, this is why I do not support any charity,, even church people help themselves,, and yes 99% of the funds are donated by white people who are so ignorant,by donating u are just helping these evil crooked people to enrich themselves, get your local church to help these people,


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