1. Shameful and inexcusable. He should actually be donating a % of his millions every year to charitable causes in South Africa…giving back as they call it.😪😪😪

  2. If a wealthy man like that does not give to the needy but instead steals to enrich himself further, then he will lose everything he has and more . That is a fact of life . As you give , so you shall receive many fold. As you steal , so you shall lose many fold.

  3. Meanwhile me and my mom do not have food and cannot pay rent but this millionaire bastard barbarian can steal, get in his 1mil rand merc and get away with it. I promise you, nothing will happen to him, he will not even be arrested. Meanwhile i stress where me and my mom will stay next month because i cannot even pay rent because i have no job for over 3 years now and my buy and sell also dead because of covid. But that bastard gets away because he is black and me and my mom are white.

  4. @ LoneWolf:
    My dear friend, you know what is more sad to me. Today two young white guys with a chainsaw looking for a job to cut trees and garden work came past here. I know them because I helped them previously. The one guy asked if I don’t have a blanket for him. They are staying somewhere in a hostel and were robbed from all the few things that they had. I gave him a blanket and some things. He said he asked at various houses in our area for just a blanket but nobody had one to give to him. WHAT !!!!!
    Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us our daily bread. Thank you for the little I have and that I can share it with those who are in greater need.

  5. @ Mark Garnett:
    Yes Mark and all these looters have a vote, how would we ever be able to drive our country to a collective goal. We cannot, as it is now clear, different groups ( or elements in that group) have different objectives and motives.

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