1. The WHO, WEF, CIA, the UN and their gangs, have become exposed terrorist organizations and with their damaging bio warfare virus and technology, they instill fear into populations as we realize we have become the HUNTED and humans are killed in a horrific way, even if some die as a result of their injuries in a slow kill way. Children are helpless and easy targets as the warfare mindwars are fooling parents to sacrifice their loved ones. If we are to commit or plan a murder of the same contents as what these terrorists are doing, we will be up for murder or attempted murder, but if you carry the badge of these ‘legal’ terrorists, then it is allowed and protected by crooked politicians and “democracies”.

  2. I wonder if Suidlanders will get a strike from YouTube ? They are a prepping organisation.

  3. There has been an ongoing request and warning to our subscribers and people visiting this platform in many videos to prep and prep and prep.
    If they think it is just “bang-maak-stories” than we might wake up one morning when it is too late.
    Just as sudden as the C19-Lockdown came this might happen – shops are running dry because no stock are delivered to fill up their shelves.
    The Bible also warns that food will becoming very scarcer and very expensive.
    The NWO-gangs is rolling out their plans one after the other right under our nose.
    Food seems to be one of their main weapons.
    I leave it at that.

  4. Why the heck would they take down food prep channels ? They may as well take down all survival docs in every category.

  5. Yes they will go after preppers. See here in Norway they want to track all food purchases. This level of control will eventually be everywhere. AND they will outlaw cash, everything will be digital currency. Norway govt says they want to track Norwegians’ grocery shopping habits in order to better design tax policy, adjust social assistance, and award child allowance payments to households. Haha, yeah riiiight.



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