1. Mean IQ of the Sub-Saharan Negroid Genetic Cluster is 69 (16 studies by international and local experts from leading universities). Only 2.1% have an IQ over 100 and only 0.033% of this genetic cluster have an IQ over 120. So what do you expect?

    The frightening development is that the looney Postmodernist bigots blame White people for the failure of Black people to perform. By comparison, the East Asian Genetic Cluster outperform White people. Their mean IQ is 107.

  2. Your man was invited to the G7 to be TOLD by Melinda Gates to agree and conform to WEF Reich NWO depopulation or else he’ll meet the same fate as the other 5 African Presidents. So he agreed and is complying like the PM in Australia.

  3. My fallow South African government, not just are you totally corrupted but I don’t think one of you have a IQ of 5.


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