1. I am 63 years old and remember the night we sat around the wireless and listened to the launch of the rocket and have always wondered did they really go to the moon,, my grandfather who was born in 1893 still said hes experienced everything now — not knowing that television is still coming and cellphone are still on the way ,,,as he died in 1982 at the age of 96,,, said he remembers the Anglo Boer war –he was in ww1 and experienced ww2 ,,– but my main question is did thy really go to the moon,, i don’t trust any American as they are not a nation,, they are from every country in the world

  2. @ anthonygermany:
    I listened to the radio commentary in 1969. After seeing pictures of the flimsy capsule that they travelled in, I doubt if they went to the moon. The moonwalk film was pre-filmed in a London studio for the TV broadcast. The flag was not influenced by gravity.

    My grandfather always questioned the sinking of the Lusitania, the USA’s excuse to enter the war. He always said that the Germans would never attack a civilian ship. German intelligence knew that there were munitions aboard, to support the war. The USA claimed that it lost 128 civilian citizens. The 128 passengers were in fact undercover troops sent to help the British. Years later my parents gave me the book, “The Truth About History”. The book is about investigating evidence and engineering reports. One of the chapters is about the Lusitania. The conclusion was that the ship could not have been sunk, by one torpedo within less than an hour, unless there were explosives in the hull.

  3. colin mark

    Lusitania ship story. the german consulate said openly in usa in the news paper it will be sunk soon as its carrying weapons for ww1 . they put it in the news paper few times . but usa state stopped them doing so daily. tickets were sold to the public etc. the rest is history.


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