1. You might be able to get to the bottom of it if you can get a word in edgewise as he stops talking long enough to take a quick breath…just dive right in with a question as he is inhaling…
    Good luck.🧐🧐🧐

  2. Message to Neil you are a covert narcissist and a very confused man in regards to your political narrative.

  3. @ john jefferson:
    I think u need tonhead maybe get Ur head straight. Nielbisbthebonly guy that will get answers for u and actually get into it things head on himself..

    He is not corrupt. @ mck:
    Actauĺly not.

  4. Niel de beer you are always accountable for ur actions and you take accountably im on ur side aĺ the way

  5. Verbal daireer again. We don’t need you for secession. Get the moving trucks to move you in the near future


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