1. Unfortunately the root of most of the evil in the world is religion and greed. All religions are man made and subject to man’s interpretation of the word of God. I don’t need a human to brainwash me with their beliefs and version of the truth. I realized this many years ago. I am spiritual and all I need is my belief in God and his teachings. What a beautiful world it would be without religion and greed. Just look at the peace in the animal world. No religious conflicts and the greed for money and land. I pray for the human being because they are heading into self destruction.

  2. I was about to greet you Jaguar and Viking Boer, but suddenly there was an area blackout at 7:48 pm. It came back on at 9:30 pm, so I am watching the video now.

  3. I agreed with what Yusuf was saying. I appreciate Yusuf and just as the Loving Life theme song says:


  4. Does this guy Yusuf live in South Africa. Because listening to him I think I have to say, I think he’s been living in South Africa too long.

    Everything he is saying is the kind of stuff that Black South Africans use as the basis for their racism.

    For example: they don’t consider a black person an African who comes from America. Although clearly the root of every African-American is from Africa. But for a number of centuries they have mixed with Europeans in the United States. That doesn’t mean their root is not African.

    Same principle holds for these Jews he’s talking about.. they are Semites who came from the middle East to Europe and over the centuries they mingled and mixed with Europeans.

    They are just as entitled to live in Israel as every other Jew is…this business of they just became Jewish through conversation by some King in the Caucuses is baloney.

    Probably some made up story to discredit their right of return.

    The entire White race probably originated in the Caucuses and spread through Europe. That is why we are called Caucasians…

  5. Mr Yusuf is very knowledgeable and I respect his point of views on the Middle East. Mr Scott, please bring him again on the show. Thanks.

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