1. Anthony should get rehabilitated and now his running for president what a joke you are a piece of trash

  2. I knew two Jewish brothers. One was a cocaine dealer. The other owned a rehab. They would get together and plan their evil scheme.

  3. Anthony david hall has tried ruining everyone’s reputation:

    Debbie Els
    Petrus Sithole
    Tanny Grainger
    Neil Debeer
    Myself included

    Wonder who is the white trash

  4. Scott you are also probably going to get threatened by the mighty Hall after this

  5. Scott Anthony David Hall is live now making statements of defamation of character charges

  6. Thank you uncle Louis and Riaan for taking this stand. It ripped me to relive this with Carl. The week I spent with Anthony in the road and then rael farm with Carl. It was painful to see those addict. About time someone stood up and spoke. Things that took place on the road trips and on the farm while I was with. What came out tonight was some of it. I was on the farm for 4 days. I saw what those addicts was going through. It’s not right

  7. The format of tonight’s chat was good… Scott made clear that Loving Life & Loving Life TV does not pick sides… and that all parties will be given the opportunity to give their response.

    And that I agree with, because the coin always has 2 sides…. sometimes more than 2.

    This in my estimation was better than many, many one-sided discussions.

    Even the SIDE CHAT was more balanced because of the way the discussion was introduced…

    What I do already know at this stage is that we are certainly assembling one hell of a mottly crew of polititians in South Africa, with the likes of Neil de Beer, Anthony Hall, those deurmekaar okes from the SNP, Malematjie, Zuma, Zille, Hippo-eyes, Ace Magashule… What an assembly of utter clowns!!

  8. The WEBSITE now has the correct Hosting… we had 273 people on simultaneously at one stage (21:41 PM) tonight… and the website did not even feel it…

    So, we’ll be able to carry thousands simultaneously, no problem!!

  9. I think Anthony Hall needs an English translator when he comes on as I couldn’t understand a word he said…

  10. I never see a side chat like we used to see in U-tube…how do we access that…


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