1. sap in south africa is the same as zim police in the 90s and 2000s

  2. I am not siding with Cyril or Zuma, but I think that I would prefer Zuma as president because he refused to be bought by the NWO SATANISTS….on the other hand Cyril was groomed for his position since his youth and was BOUGHT. Rather fight one enemy than two.

  3. but if apartheid was never ever implemented the guerilla war would never of started,don’t get me wrong,,I’m just saying,, that war was only started because of apartheid being brought in

  4. Anthony, YES the Brit elites brought in apartheid, after all BRITAIN is the HQ’S of the NWO…so I urge all people to do their research well, unless they are part of these SATANIC orders who has been around planning all that is playing out now.
    anthonygermany wrote:

    but if apartheid was never ever implemented the guerilla war would never of started,don’t get me wrong,,I’m just saying,, that war was only started because of apartheid being brought in

  5. you folks really want to consider how much these bantu terrorists have conditioned your mind over last 27 years. they are the spawn of the devil. i have no doubt they are on here snooping around thinking they are going to have control via info..death to azania

  6. @ANTHONYGERMANY. you may be right Anthony, but it is not as simple as that. I think we need to remember the history of SA, firstly the SA Afrikaner did not trust the British at all, they wanted a country where they could operate and grow without the domination of England. Secondly they were surrounded by people of a totally different culture, a people they had warred with and whom they did not trust either, to top it all these people outnumbered them ten to one. So under men like HF Verwoerd the policy of separate development was started. It started with the idea of separate but equal development. Each people to his own portion of land.
    Unfortunately it did not work, for one the black were not sophisticated or knowledgeable enough to develop these territories when left to their own devices. And secondly economic demands forced them to come into the white territories to seek employment, the mines being the main draw card . So what started as a good idea separate development turned into Apartheid. But it is unfair to judge the Afrikaner too harshly as all He really wanted to do was protect his own people and culture. Hope this helps you a bit.

  7. Hi Scott,
    I have countless times stated my case and opinion on Twitter and directly to he Boerelegioen, and understand their method of operation by trying to stay within the Law as prescribed in the Constitution of South Africa.
    However when a Head of any Government states that they are at War, be it due citizens unrest, or Covid BS, and placing the Country under Military Law, is a declaration which sucedes the Constitutional Law, and thus everything taking place from that moment of time is done according to the Military Law. This Law is by far greater than Civilian Law, and allows for many direct interventions, like even using a firing squad to get rid of any opposition which do not follow the rules and laws set out by this Military Law.
    Now lets face it, Ramaphosa and his Band of Convicts in charge is fully aware of their capabilities using this Law to their advantage, as they are primed by Jewish Ashkenazi Layers and advisor’s in what to do and expect. Even their on Media explanations and written documents are done by them on behalf of the ANC Government.
    What I want to understand is how come our own European Leaders like General van Zyl of the “BOERELEGIOEN” Suidlanders and so forth, and opposition in Parliament cannot or do not wish, to understand that the Constitutional Law is no longer binding and that the Military Law is in use.
    This is a state of War, and very few if any of our White Citizens roaming our streets looking for jobs and just trying to continue with their own Business is unaware of. This is no longer a case of trying to discuss or even negotiate with the empowered ANC GOVERNMENT by the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Rainbow Nation has never existed and the final plan of the Covid FEAR BS, is to ensure that the country becomes ungovernable, and that the economy has to collapse, as it has been planned World Wide.
    Vaccines are now used to kill and change Human Genes to force support of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
    We are all at War worldwide , yet here in South Africa we still wish to sleep with the enemy, and make out as if all is well.
    All the powers that be in opposition to the NEW WORLD ORDER and in our case the Black Regime placed in power and the use of the COVID FEAR PLANDEMIC need to urgently wake up and lift up their weapons and safe guard their families for this incredible Luciferian Illuminate, Secret Societies, oppression of human societies Worldwide.
    The new R-set is in motion and we are allowing it without lifting our weapons and declaring our Country South Africa to be independent from the NEW WORLD ORDER or any Communistic African United or Chinese managed Africa.
    We must declare Independence even if it means we are back like in the days after the Great Depression.
    We have to start our countries and economies fromthebegining and it willn ot be easy. The existing Money no longer exists.
    It is time for Invading Black Races since 1845 and especially in 1994, Races into our country to return to their own ancestral central African countries ,and we have to safeguard our own Race at the Barrel of our own Weapons.
    We are already in War, but our immediate Leaders still wish to negotiate with the Enemy.
    THEY NEED TO WAKE UP VERY FAST and understand what Military Law prescribes for life and safety of its Citizens and its Force Members.
    I trust you will forgive me in this endeavour to explain where we are right now.
    The two men, one dressed in Military Brown Clothing and the other in Blue/Grey Clothing is to meet very soon… Siener van Rensburg.
    I greet you in the understanding of our Faith and belief in GOD our Creator.
    Kind Greetings to all your followers, and once again, thanks for your great input into matters of the day.
    May God keep you safe, and show us the way.

  8. This Council, that is the General’s idea, is good but its control will only extend to the Boere community. It will never control all of the communities in South Africa. Those groups must decide on their own governance structure.


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