1. I recommend that all should read the foundational treatise on conflict strategy, namely “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu the Chinese General and strategist (544-496 BC).

    Sun Tzu examines strategies for initiating a conflict and regards the most perfect strategy for initiating a conflict as being the strategy where the group you plan to attack ARE UNAWARE THAT THERE IS A CONFLICT IN PROGRESS. This gentleman pointed out that there was in fact a war in progress in SA. He is quite correct. Unfortunately, most White South Africans are unaware of this fact. Those that plan and execute this war have diligently consealed any announcement of hostility. The senseless slaughter of White People is repeatedly portrayed by the Globalist media as common criminality. While there is not a formal cohesive plan one can easily see the synergy between law enforcement (ie disbanding the commandos, slow police response times, unavailability of police vehicles and equipment, no police action when a certain group are commiting mass violence, etc) and the legal system (the lack of evenhanded logical judicial decisions exemplefied by the judicial circus at the Coligny “murder” trial, compared to the trial of the protestors at the Senekal court). Then you have the synergy of instigator groups, like the Dutch Reform Church who in their publication “Die NG Kerk en apartheid” (Febuary 2013) blame White South Africans for the socio-economic failure of Black people. Like Stalin and the massacre of the Kulak people, nothing inspires violence as much as telling a certain group that they are suffering BECAUSE OF WHAT ANOTHER GROUP IS DOING TO THEM.
    South Africans must understand that there is a loose alliance synergistically waging an undeclared war against them.
    Another lesson applicable to SA is Sun Tsu’s axiom that ONE CANNOT WIN A WAR WITH A DEFENSIVE STRATEGY. If one allows the enemy to chose the time and the place of attack and then respond by defending yourself as best you can, you will in the end be defeated. White South Africans are using a defensive strategy. They will be defeated. The only strategy with any possibility of success is the separatist strategy which would establish a finite defensible border which would separate the aggressor from the victim. This could be attained by secession in times of relative peace or UDI in times of civil war. I fear the latter will come to pass, but in the meantime we MUST understand that de Klerk’s unitary state delusion cannot succeed, and will implode. We must stop trying to make de Klerk’s delusion a success. It is 100% doomed to fail. Let us concentrate our efforts on secession and UDI.
    Only if the minorities extricate themselves from this unworkable Globalist nightmare will we survive.
    Please read Sun Tsu’s “The Art of War”.

  2. @ Scientia Vera:
    interesting, very thought provoking comment, would a black man replacing his tyre ,have been murdered on the side of the road. But as you say if the black politicians and white liberals keep harping on about what the whites did to the blacks pre 94 ,thats a recipe for racial strife.

  3. @ Scientia Vera: You are correct, these attacks are very much part of the plan. It is an undisclosed genocide.

    As a white male, I was specifically targeted on two occasions by roving black gangs looking for mischief. (I was Mugged and stabbed). The second stabbing was during the time that I was already in the process of packing up to leave SA. I was always aware of the risk of breaking down on the side of the road, stopping at the front gate of the house or stopping at robots at night and many other areas of risk. Theft was not the motive, I had virtually nothing on me, killing me was the objective.

    The police did nothing about the crimes against me, in fact they “lost” the dockets, so they effectively weren’t looking for anyone.
    The second stabbing almost took my life and I am now happy to be living in a new country in relative freedom and safety.
    I saw the writing on the wall after ’94, but it took a while to be able to get out. I got out in 2004 and have never looked back.
    Emigrating and starting over is not easy, but sometimes necessary for safety and sanity.

    I look from afar with sadness at what has become of the country of my birth and the country I loved.
    My thoughts and prayers are with this family and all the thousands who mourn because of similar senseless murders.

    God have Mercy on South Africa.

    ‘A scatterling of Africa’

  4. @ Kilimanjaro:
    I can understand you wanting to leave after being nearly killed and the disgraceful police basically condoned what had happened to you, because you are a white person and im sure thats why the black gang targeted you for murder. Definately the ANC must be behind this low key. war policy against the whites.

  5. It’s terrible what happened to this man and woman. My condolenceses to the woman the mans brother and to the rest of the mans family. I also pray that the perpetrators will be caught and will be brought to justice.


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