1. The world council of churches is a member of the vatican- EVIL. Need I say more?

  2. i saw that that google news about methodist church in cape town, its bad that a member of the church could say it

  3. Thank you Riekie for what you said about and to Alan Storey. When I saw that yellow placard on a telegram group, as a Christian and a Methodist I was disgusted and felt sick to my stomach, EVIL MAN!!! and there are many more like him in the Methodist Church and other protestant churches, and as for the SACC and WCC they are totally part of the cabal and pure evil. The church in general has gone to the side of Satan and the pockets of remnant Christians, no matter what denomination you are or were, have to stand together under the blood of Jesus and fight these devils and their false teachings and blasphemy. Thanks, Scott, Dave and Riekie for this informative and inspiring interview. God bless you.


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