1. legalese (n.)
    “the language of legal documents,” 1914, from legal + language name ending -ese.

    Not English

  2. international (adj.)

    As a noun and with a capital -i-, it is short for International Working Men’s Association, a socialistic worker’s movement with global aims, the first chapter of which was founded in London by Marx in 1864.

  3. Loving life

    Will we have the money and the power to control theborders from the rest of South Africa

  4. How can we reach our people in squatter camps around the WC as thise people don’t have access to internet.

  5. 29,00. “International law”. A fiction story for the stupies told by well earning parasites in shiny temples,celebrating their self appointed importance with words and more words,pushing a flood of paper to suffocate reason and busy pretending working for the common good but with one thing on their mind:their bank accounts.
    Viljoen is a politician who has chosen the legal path to bring a message which is more than obvious. What he does and the reactions he receives on his proposals are prove of the ignorance of the public and the fascistic mindset of the government.So far ,so good(not).
    Look what “International Law” has brought us so far: nothing but a nasty aftertaste when the judges and their legal circus took matters in their hands:fish nor meat, an disgusting stew of compromises,dictated by the powers that be. Invented on the spot,nothing to do with law at all.
    The show cases in the Yugoslavia tribunal have made this more then clear. What happened there is the absolute opposite of what law has to be.But here it was bend and twisted beyond recognition to satisfy the revanchists in their desire to underline their position of power.
    Rwanda? Zero. The usurpation of the China sea by the Chinese communists? Zilch. West Africa tribunal? A few scapegoats were sacrificed,but the underlying matters were never addressed.
    Viljoen has made a good choice; the legal way to secession will keep him busy for years:job creating.
    Of course it is important for the process to cover the legal side of this unpleasant situation but we have to take other ways that can lead to a solution in consideration as well:civil disobedience,insurrection,even terrorist actions to destabilize the ANC regime.
    Imagine Bheki Cele swinging from a lamppost and the effect it will have on the criminals of the ANC and… the black population:no more mr.Nice Guy,a clear statement,no doubt what so ever.
    If SA. was ruled by law,mr Viljoen would have no job,but it isn`t. SA. is ruled arbitrary on a level of pure madness. Covid is a good example for this.
    I wish mr.Viljoen all the best in his legal crusade but meanwhile keep your powder dry Afrikaners….

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