1. is great would like to have met some south africans they seem like really good people

  2. Canadian prime minister Trudeau has announced it will be investing $40 million into home ownership opportunities exclusively for blacks The new funding for blacks comes just months after the Trudeau government pledged $221 million for loans exclusively to black entrepreneurs in a bid to help them start businesses. The Trudeau government recently also announced plans to add more than one million Black and Muslim immigrants to the Canadian population The very act of having to start a fund like this is in itself a racist act. Trudeau is implying that black people can’t do it for themselves. That they don’t have the abilities. That they are poor and somehow not able to achieve what others have without help. How come black people don’t riot and scream about this disgusting racism? It’s saying Blacks are too stupid and helpless to borrow from a bank, to start a business, like everybody else. Blacks are too stupid and helpless to get a mortgage like everybody else,

    The race war against white people is heating up. Ironically its white people that are paying for the racist policies against them. The “new normal”, where its really abnormal but the Blacks are not bothered. They’re creating conditions for a civil war, then they can really come after whites. It’s population reduction by 2030, so if you care for your history and heritage, stop this madness now because very soon they are coming for you.
    Written and posted by NO ONE @ NOONEATALL(Patriotic Alliance.GB)

  3. Gavin: Same thing happened to me and the appeal didn’t help. They rejected it forthwith with no explanation as to what I was banned for…I just got back a few days ago with a new user name. Quite shady that they can do this to people with no recourse or explanation about what you supposedly did wrong.

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