1. I hope white squatter camps will be included in the distribution this time, not like what happened during the first lockdown…🙄🙄🙄

  2. Why can’t we all live in peace and harmony. I love everything on earth that lives.
    That is life that God gave us.

  3. Jan Fourie .because they plan to destroy us for more than 60 years terrorist theory from the camps in east africa anc pac etc. long term plan. why greed hate envy .how to steal a nation playing the victim. slow and sure violence by so called unknown groups . to avoid sanctions .the farming sector 1989 had 90k farms big and small. today less than 8k that really function .pan african communist fools and greed lead to hunger just check north of the border .

  4. Sadly there will probably be none left when they are finished…also it looks like your major cities won’t be far behind.

    Look to the US as an example of the destruction done by about 13 million of them let loose. Every city from coast to coast has been destroyed. Schools, parks, housing…all a complete shambles.

    Now they want US federal government to allow them into the suburbs to complete the destruction…😪😪😪

  5. just hope only white people are going to be helped , because Woolworths only give money to black charities

  6. do wish they would put credit card links instead of bank info. not all banks will deal w/ transfers like this. as far as the “black” agenda goes they just want pity and free money and women and make white people pay for it all. i know this from experence in the U.S.

  7. Heard a lovely story a day or so ago – a Natatalian lady was on her way to Durban from her place of residence somewhere in the midlands – she had something like 3000+ eggs and several loaves of bread. An official stopped her and he asked her why she was carrying so much food, to which she replied that she and her business partner/s had some 100+ workers who were now without food following the riots in Dbn and Pietermaritzburg and she was taking food to these workers who – during the looting – had secured their business properties – the official was apparently very touched by this and wished her well on her way. Apparently she has placed another order of even more eggs from the chicken farmer/s, plus more bread from the local bakeries, and the official thanked her profusely and wished her well, and sent her on her way… es, cry my beloved country and thank all these good people who lent helping hands across the board to all those who suffered as a result of senseless looting and destruction…


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