1. People can try living in swartruggens if they have the means to survive without jobs as it is a very small town and work here does not exist but having a prop here u can survive lots of love to loving life I he been kicked of utube 😰

  2. @lovinglife – can you ask Olle was is the EMF reading that is acceptable in a room, home office

  3. So these electro sensitive people, they are jobless, homeless, aimless and hopeless. Why do they not band together to take out the towers physically as they already have nothing to lose or are they going to wait around for government to do something and die waiting?

  4. Toko u r heartless as anc member which u obviously r u expect the helpless to do what u obviously can’t do but plz be aware the ANC is killing u and ur family if u can’t see that then yes the helpless will do ur dirty work for.GOD be with us all


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