1. Will we ever have a live chat forum in the Loving Life tv channel???

    The problem for me is I am still banned from U tube since January. So I cannot like, comment or participate in live chat on the live streams featured on U tube. So I am stuck just commenting on videos here after the fact…I would love to participate live again so will that be a possibility in the future???🥰🥰🥰

  2. Not to put more work on Rudi since I know he is very involved now in his Community Protection group; but it would be great if it could happen sometime I know not right now…😘😘😘🤠🤠🤠

  3. usmom750 :
    Same problem here.
    I could make a new,fake,account but I don`t want to sponsor Google/YouTube in any way.
    Besides my IP and mac address are already known to Google and Microsoft,so that would be of no use: just adding up 2+2 and they know who is hiding behind that fake account.
    Then there is your provider.If the providers are into the scheme there is no hiding possible.Even a VPN (fake internet address)will not help you as your connection is already known,address,telephone number,bank account,man/woman,age.
    The internet IS a net into which we are all caught.
    The only escape would be to unplug,but even that would create an suspicious black spot of no shared info on your address.
    usmom:They have us by the balls….

  4. i was also banned from youtube,,but i use my vpn country set to another country and i opened a new email for youtube,, and ive experienced something else when i do online shopping,, i cant do google online shopping for the country im really staying because my vpn location shows im staying in another country because my vpn adresse is set to another country im staying in,, it gives me the money value of my vpn address and its a third country vpn location, so when i go on youtube is shows im staying in mexico,, but i dont stay there,

  5. anthonygermany:What are the steps you take to set up an internet connection?
    1 you start your comp,then start up your operating system(Linux,Apple or for the majority of the users,Windows)
    2 When Windows is running you open a connection with your router to your provider(the provider knows who and where you are !)
    3 When the connection stands(and windows is informed that you are online. In windows 10 you can`t even disable this function)all the apps that start up with Windows,jump on you like mosquitoes on a sweaty body in a warm summer night.
    Then,my dear friend,you can go to your VPN trying to hide your identity….but it`s to late. All you can do is hide from the sites you visit AFTER you set up the first connection and opened your VPN.
    Even if your VPN starts with Windows,one update of the various programs running on your comp under your original address is enough to let them know,what,where and who you are(that`s why they send you so many updates;to see if you are still there where they expect you to be)
    Suppose you build a new comp,most of the components force you to register. Mobo,Videocard and CPU.:you get scanned.
    If you don`t and install an offline version of Linux,you have to have a provider for your internet.And here is it where it all goes wrong: We think that Microsoft,Apple and Android are the big villains,and for a big part they are,but the real spiders in the interwebz are the providers,AT&T,Verizon,T-Mobile,O2 and what ever names they have in other countries.
    You are connected,and every connection is a 2 way street….

  6. I wonder if Neil de Beer can get his old buddy Carl Niehaus to join in on the side chat ? Laurel and Hardy . If you want the Three Stooges then we can throw in Simon Roach .

  7. Ancoisfranti wrote:

    Hi Dave. THEY LIVE. Presidents are selected, not elected.

  8. ALSO banned from youtube cannot do live chat. tried the vpn deal but they traced me down. just tired of seeing white people abused as much as they are. no one says anything


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