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  1. I have just picked up on the ‘promised to act’ statement made by Helen Zille. Fascinating stuff hey? ‘Rooikoppie’ Zille does not like to be put in her place. Her face goes red and she tap/rocks the feet. A meeting with her and various DA members with regards the Social Housing ahem ‘giant’ whom she ‘promised’ to ‘investigate’ on. The whole meeting had been recorded. Then it was ‘transcribed verbatim’ with every ummm every sound effect (audio available). Do you know that ‘she’ never followed her ‘promise to act’. In fact the so called Secretary for the then Minister of Human Settlements ‘shark skin suit Bonki’ got EVERYTHING wrong in her so called ahem Minutes of that Meeting. A paradigm comparison of truth from the audio and the Secretary’s shorthand or however showed without any doubt who lied, what the lies were …. Do you know that a Councillor was said to be present at the meeting who was nowhere to be seen. Meantime, ‘Rooikoppie’ got promoted …. the position of ‘priestess’ appears to have been filled rather nicely you think? Anyone on ADRENOCHROME? Just asking? Mike Hampton. You have more support than you realise. This is ‘cleaning up’ time. This is ‘healing’ time. Confidence in you say that you’ll maintain your dignity no matter what …. P.S. the so called ahem Social Housing ‘giant’ is in bed with the DA ….

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