1. That link to Lily Farm opens a single page with links that just refresh that page – kinda weird!

  2. This must have been the hottest live stream this year.

    Sir Scott handled it like a Pro. Well done.

    The Live Chat was moving so fast it was hard to even read the comments plus listening to the speakers.
    Luckily, I saved a full copy of the comments from the chat and will go through it while listening to the live stream again.

    Thank you for all the “new” people joining in on the scat – it was good to see so many “new faces” for a change.

    What a way to end the Gelofte Dag / Versoenings Dag !!. Over 3 hours of action.

    Tons of “headbanging” and “Give Me Fresh Air” moments.

  3. Well done Scott. You managed an almost unmanageable live stream. Well done to the Spanners, they also had to be n their toes which they did very well.

  4. Excellent job, well done to Scott and his team.
    It will appear that the fuhrer at Dalbarton continue to create many problems against the very people that have invested their life savings in the enterprise and if it were not for those investors they would have no “enterprise”. In my opinion after listening to the stories from the investors and the manner in which they are being treated is an abomination and the 2 in charge should hang their heads in shame.

  5. Three hours of my time that I will never get back. Talking over each other. This seems to be happening all the time.

  6. @ RiaS:

    ‘This seems to be happening all the time.’….I don’t think that this comment is justified….Scott handled the livestream excellently. If it was a waste of your time

    you could have stopped watching anytime…I don’t see any livestreams handled by you

  7. Well done Scott for exposing the root problem in self-determination in South Africa. I stumbled on this broadcast by accident but could not stop watching.

    This is a good example why so many efforts for self-determination and other save havens for whites in South Africa fail. Hard core selfish Afrikaners, Broederbonders and other scammers pitch up and collude to highjack the process or project to benefit financially to the detriment of other role players. Their victims are often those who are already struggling financially against the backdrop of BBBEE. Some of them even carry a Bible under the arm. Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa look like amateurs against the “capture” by these characters.

    Interesting to see how Carlo Viljoen plays the law, well knowing that hearsay is generally inadmissible as evidence in a court of law, he weaponised hearsay and then use government law enforcement (gestapo) police and not peace officers as required by Common Law, to intimidate his opponents; yet he is claiming independence from South Africa on 1 September 2021. Where are his own independent Common Law (or Statuary) judges? It is like jumping in an enemy tank to kill your own citizens whom you think are out of line after making yourself judge, jury and executioner. He even goes as far as resorting to Crimen Injuria to publicly defame his opponents by calling them “drunk” without an alcohol test as evidence, and “fraudster” without a court judgement as proof; a common dirty trick in propaganda and genocide.

    Apparently, the crux of the problem is that shares in Polanocole represents real money despite Carlo’s disclaimers. Some people contributed start-up capital and the company now possess assets worth something. It looks like the initial shareholders (Brain Dalton and Rodney Bartman) each had 50% shares. Then the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) was unilaterally changed (this is highly irregular). Then it is getting vague. Perhaps a total of 10 000 shares with 3000 shares belonging to Brain Dalton and 3000 shares beloning to Rodney Bartman, with the balance of 4000 shares either unspecified or shared by other contributors. Then the capture (the real fraud):

    Rodney Bartman (3000 shares)[
    Delia Atkins Bartman (300 shares) – For services rendered. That is a massive remuneration of around R9-million considering the fact that Willem v.d. Berg only received 10 shares for an estimated R300,000 contribution [i.e. R30,000 per share].
    Carlo Viljoen (1820 shares) – Prepaid shares as payment for future services. [R54,6-million]
    Johan Ferreira (1 share) – For spying on dissidents in the community.
    SUB-TOTAL: 5121/10000 (51.2%)
    Brain Dalton (3000-3000=0 shares) – Voted out of his shares by the majority above. [R90-million – He will probably settle for this amount even after they deduct the alleged missing invoices]

    And then came the tyranny where the pot is calling the kettle black (watch “How to become a tyrant” on Netflix to become a real tyrant). Anyone opposing Bartman/Viljoen is intimidated with lockouts, water cuts, side-lined with jobs, called an “unwanted negative agitator”, “disgusting” and threatened with eviction, etc. Their list of “disgusting people” are rather long: Brian Dalton, Nicole Conradie, Adrian Conradie, Cheryl (Chez) Conradie, Brandon Cook, Taryn Cook, Marcel Scheffer, Elize Farre, Mariette Koekemoer, Amanda Delport, Willem vd Berg, Amanda Lombaard Booyzen, David van der Merwe his wife Joennetta, Mike Mitchell, Alan Tasmer, John Riggs, Alistair Jameson, Jan Uys, Cathy Uys, Sandra de Kock, Hans and Erica de Lange, Shar Grainger, Michael Spencer Wilson, Hennie Visser, Mandy Holmes, Michael Thorne, Dante Rossouw, Dries Petzer, Greg J de Castro, Johan Mitchell, Hannes Mitchell, Gavin Goldschmidt, Chris Wells and Anton Louw. See https://www.facebook.com/groups/963842847101503/posts/2106393272846449/

    How can they be a Self-governing state Governed by the Rule of Law when they don’t have their own legal system and resort to the SAPS and continue to use the South African legal system? See https://www.facebook.com/groups/963842847101503/posts/2106330606186049. Surely they must have all the basics in place before declaring themselves independent, and who on earth will settle in village with unethical tyrants as masters?

  8. Sorry to say but these people have been scammed. This might have started with good intentions Atleast from Mr Dalton’s side who I believe but once the vast sums of money were there to be appropriated it became a free for all.

  9. John Albania,

    I suppose you are not from South Africa, so we probably have to excuse your ignorance. You can’t judge any group of people by those moving in the lime light. They are in the lime light because they are not ordinary.

    You also seem to disregard the fact that South Africa is not a country despite popular world views. South Africa is an empire created by the English in the same way that the UK, EU, DRC, USSR, etc. are/were empires.

    You can’t be more wrong if you add any colour in your arguments (some people will always do that). South Africa historically had several kingdoms and recognised independent countries. How can you blame any of them if they try to reestablish their independency? It is like telling Eastern European countries to accept the fact that they were conquered by Russia during WW2 and that it is “a ludicrous pipe dream” for those countries to seek their independence again. 😆😅

    Okay, you probably pretended to be ignorant.

  10. Great work Scott. You scratched a scab and now its bleeding. Those poor people must have an open meeting with all involved and sort it out.

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