1. His first major speech after having the election stolen from him…Fixed it for your readers.😘😘😘

  2. @ usmom750:
    Look what biden did in three day’s when he took office. Put over a Million people out of work.
    I have no respect for biden at all but most of all watch out for Kamala Harris.
    I also believe that what is happening in the USA is strikingly similar to what South Africa went through from 1988 to 1994.
    Look at South Africa today.
    South Africa fell to communism Europe fell naturally and the USA was like a basket of apples that went rotten from the inside out
    and is now going communist very quickly.

  3. Don’t ever underestimate a communist! In four years from now the democrats will win again just like they did with the last election through cheating and stealing.
    You will see this happen right in front of you but the people will be too afraid to do anything.

  4. You are probably right…

    Someone said Communists can get into office thru a vote; but the only way they ever leave it is at gunpoint…

    In other words you can never vote them out.

  5. Just found out that U-tube banned Trump’s C-Pac speech. Good thing Scott already had it posted up here so those who wish to view it have the opportunity.😕😘😘

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