1. This is the biggest scam ever in the world!!!!!! People please wake up – do not take the so called vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:
    Rudi, as a normal subscriber, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done. You have not only done it for LL or Uncle Scott, but for the uninformed like myself

  3. What an awesome debate. Sad that the sheeple follow blindly! WOW. Analogy of the fly and the door was funny! Shocked by all the info. Mr. Gates please come visit this boertjie we need to talk!

  4. Billy is a drop out he has no qualifications all is self appointed megalomaniac!

  5. @ Barry Richardson:

    Hi, you can DOWNLOAD now… I am experimenting with the Download Functionality at present, it might change in future!

    Check the BLUE DOWNLOAD button above!!

  6. Thank you guys! Once again you are bring us the ONLY news that really counts!
    Love the lady in the beginning. Yes totally let the Gov and cronies get it first! DA does the ANC and the ANC does the EFF plus the big Tenders? That had me laughing out loud, which is scarce these days!🤣
    Well done guys.

  7. @ cov:
    Hi there. Do you want me to use your gmail or you can go to the top of the screen and you will see the Telegram logo to send, else I will be most happy to do it for you!

  8. What a great piece . I also would suggest that this covid 19 event just as the climate change narrative are ideas spawned by AGENDA 21 and Klaus Schwaeb from the United Nations. Keep up revealing the truth.We need to start listening to the science not the scientists. There is not enough darkness in the whole universe to hide the flicker of a single candle.

  9. Am going to highlight this broadcast on MEWE and alo a channel there called Stop Mandatory Vaccination OFFICIAL. Exposing the confilct of interest of Dr Salim Abdul Karim

  10. @Rudi Geldenhuis, what is your website’s name please, would love to visit


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