1. The elites wans us all to wear masks so as to weaken our immune systems by breathing in the same old exhaled carbon dioxide. They have made breathing fresh air illegal. We suffer from infected lungs that the masks causes by breathing in the same old air and by not breathing in fresh air. After all that suffering, they then try to sell you air. The majority of those that go to hospitals for treatment ends up dead!

  2. @ tanwondoe:

    The livestream times are set, but the videos remain on lovinglifetv.com forever and you are able to view them anytime.

  3. These human chimera talking heads all seem to be in a trance… Strong delusion.

  4. Just on this evidence alone and together with the other researchers discovering the same damage to blood after vaccination, then THIS FARCE CAN BE STOPPED AND ALL VACCINES CAN BE CONFISCATED. What more evidence would lawyers need and this is already obvious in the short term already???????

  5. Thanks Philippe for your very enlightening interview with Scott. You are a rare breed. We need more Dr’s like you.

  6. @Scott
    A suggestion, if I may.

    Your bandwidth sometimes becomes very limiting, and impossible to watch the video.

    Set up a short header here, then redirect to Bitchute, Iddysey etc which have higher bandwidth. You still get the first hit, plus onward referral reward.

    Folks even do this on YouTube, then redirect. 😊

  7. Hope all this and more will be exposed far and wide.. evil is running this world and they need to be hanged or stoned!
    Thanks for sharing 👣

  8. Please stop calling it an experimental vaccine, its not, they know exactly what it does and have been working on this for a long time.

  9. People need to march on their governments in huge numbers and just remove them and start again. Then put them on trial.

  10. Thank you Scott an Dr Philippe. I would like to hear more about the shedding. Everyone we know is vaccinated with Pfizer accept me and my husband and few of my family members. How should we handle it when visiting with friends? Should we keep our distance, or just not ever visit them? We saw in 3 days in a row fully vaccinated friends, I’m so scared of if their shedding had an influence on us. Can we have a topic on what shedding is doing to the unvacced and advice for us on how to handle it?

  11. I have 3 questions:

    1. What is the mechanism of action for the graphene oxide shedding? (Through airborne and contact vectors from the vaxxed coughing, sneezing, spitting, dried sweat, urine, feces, bodily fluids, etc?)

    2. Is graphene oxide found only through vaccines (injections and shedding) or have you seen it in patients that recovered from Covid without being exposed to vaccination or shedding?

    3. How can you detox the graphene oxide and clumped together red blood cells from the body?

  12. I read an article that said the USA BAR Association and probably other UN countries’ lawyers too, have all sworn allegiance to the UN. So will there be any court proceedings to stop this?

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