1. I’ve googled Dr Philippe and no result. What is his proper/full name please as I want to do some reading on his research and findings before watching your vid?

  2. @ Edwin Ramsay:
    Dr Phillipe was the 1st doc to show blood slides on damaged blood from jab patients…back in July 2020. He was inundated with angry emails and threatening calls from all over so this is why Scott will not give out his surname.

  3. I’m truly sorry but this goodly doctor also believes in the whole C story as well as the var!ants. So many countries now have people demanding proof based on the freedom of info acts, and so far NOTHING! Zilch, Zero. It’s unfindable. So doctors can never say it exists just by following patients. Based on WHAT? Just one guy to mention and there are MANY scientists who have really spoken out, is David Martin and he followed the paper trail from the beginning. His original interview with Fuellmich (who ALSO gives affirmation to C for some obscure reason, since he spoke to scientists who really say it’s only a digital coding – nothing else – and that the problem lies with the PIN in the arm. I went to a fully vaxed specialist and became so ill from it but with such bizarre symptoms as well as double pneum and lots of neurological problems – also my hair just fell out in clumps and I am convinced that is was from an injected person. My husband almost died and my mom DID die (I looked after her physically) – she coughed blood. I have no recollection of a about 3 or 4 days (and I’ve had pneumonia often since I am an asthmatic. I don’t believe this, never will and I believe that the hospitalisations NOW which are prolific are due to injury. in 2020 we were lied to about overwhelmed hosps but the elderly died in droves. That’s why I fetched mom out of her “place”. So I like Dr. Phillipe – I think he’s very sincere and so is Scott, but they’re falling for part of this scam and even the “milders” I can no longer listen to since they cannot give us a basis, except the patients they’ve “seen” with strange symptoms and massive lung problems. I am so sorry but I needed to say this. The old cow movie Red Indians once said: White man speaks with forked tongue and perhaps this is just for lack of evidence, but there are no gray areas imho.

  4. @ VK:
    It doesn’t matter – we don’t need it. The blood slides are from those who’ve had pins. BUT Dr. Phillipe affirms the existence of C. That’s my problem. Same with the Zika thing – always in an olympic leap year. They THEN already tried to stop the olympics. There is also no isolate for that.

  5. Edwin Ramsay wrote:

    I’ve googled Dr Philippe and no result. What is his proper/full name please as I want to do some reading on his research and findings before watching your vid?

    Why did you not just watch his live interview here? Or his previous ones on this channel? Were you taught not to think for yourself?

  6. I agree 100% with you SCOTT, why can FAUCI not be prosecuted for all its lies, there is more than enough evidence for that. Same as ZUMA and Malema who just get away with it all. The proof is in the pudding.

  7. @ Phillipe Misleader:
    It IS all over. But not on the msm of gugle. Go to bitchute, odysee rumble gettr and others, but you hve to find it, same way rest of us did. 2 years in and still ppl don’t get to any truth.

  8. @ judy007:
    People like this miss whatever are just not worth bothering about. Sorry I am quoting the words of the prime evil Schwab but this creature is definitely one of the ‘useless eaters’

  9. @ judy007:
    Yes Judy, our main enemy is the poison that they are injecting into people and the shedding of the spike protein. The so called virus was just a ruse to put fear into eveyone so that they could introduce their so called vaccine.

  10. There is no virus and there never was any virus to begin with. They have been lying to us for hundreds of years!

  11. @ VK:
    You’ll find a lot of angry pommies tried to dox him and destroy his life. They’re certainly a nasty race of people anyway having lived in the UK I should know.

  12. @Loving Life:- You need to remove part of the intro because when you show Dr. Philleppe right on the top left of the screen you see him name and surname.

  13. If our Governments and Main Stream Media are saying that this Vaccine is “Safe and Effective” knowing full well that people have died or had very serious adverse side effects is in itself “Medical Misinformation”!


  14. @ judy007:
    Be assured though: they have something real in the pot. …

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