1. Scott if the whole country don’t allow their children to go to this universities. These universities they won’t have anyone to treaten at all with mandatory experiments at all.

  2. i love it when he said one could of walked under a bus and died but shortly before that could of visited the GP ,,hehheee then thy say u died from covid

  3. please respond: This is what is crazy making.. you said there is no sars cov 19. fine. i believe that. but yet you constantly refer to it and how many peo[le had it etc. there is only effects of the shot. thats it. why do you play with the liars vocabulary?

  4. There is enough evidence from experts that the jabs can maim and kill and thus a Corporation or Institutions like Universities can be prosecuted for mandating vaccines that boils down to attempted murder or deeds or conspiracies to do grievous bodily harm….”Search for: Can a juristic person be criminally liable?
    Can the company also be prosecuted in terms of section 332 of Act 51 of 1977?
    In interpreting this provision, case law has shown us that it is possible for a corporation to be convicted for culpable homicide. … Both decisions are in line with section 332(1) that regards the act and the culpability of the corporation’s directors and servants as the act and culpability of the corporation.
    Corporate Criminal Liability for Deaths, Injuries and Illnesses – SAFLIIhttp://www.saflii.org › journals › SPECJU › 3.rtf” Now all depends on what the chief justice may change as to benefit his bosses.

  5. Criminals or persons with criminal intent cannot hide behind a corporation or Institution to escape the law or prosecution just because a company or corporation makes it appear as if it acts for the best interest of a group with apparent legal protection. The fact that the University administration tried to sneak in mandatory attacks on students and the public entering the university grounds, without consultation, show that corporations funding universities, and individuals to benefit from this mandatory action, are hiding behind this. Names of individuals and corporations must be disclosed as Nuremberg 2 trials will need this information.

  6. But who are the share holders of Blackrock, Vanguard and Statestreet, if you dig a little deeper you will find it is Edmond De Rothchild Holdings, this is the unseen hand.When Forbes does the richest people publication they are never mentioned, but the Rothchilds are by far the wealthiest people in the world going into trillions of dollars, and why, because they own the money system that we just use, they literally have a license to print money because they own all the central banks of the world. This is the head of the snake on a commercial level.The good guys cant just keep on losing because we follow the rules, time to get the pitchforks out, I think it is now the only way.


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