1. @Scott Please ask Phillipe if anyone is tracking our DNA (potential changes?) along with the blood changes. Tx.

  2. if you not donating blood how are they going to track your DNA, just a question, because I see so many times this same question and have never seen an answer yet because I’m under the impression that only when donating blood can they test your DNA.

  3. seems like these trolls are just as stupid as the ANC who is running the country,, surely these women must have Kroes’s hair,,

  4. @ Viv:
    My question should read: Is anyone monitoring our DNA for potential changes after the jab.


  6. I wish Dr. Philippe was my doctor. My doctor sent me home with a lung infection and told me all was well.

  7. You have Trump and his warp speed program to thank for the vaccine, which was basically manifested through deregulating certain aspects of the FDA. Alex Jones sold that as part of the package for electing Trump. He suggested that there were marvelous medicines being held back by regulations, and that electing Trump would allow the FDA to stand back and allow the production of these medicines.

  8. I cannot determine from anyone how long the damage is done to the blood cells. As we know, RBC’s for example, turn over about 120 days. Do they continue in this damaged form, or are they replaced as healthy cells. And if they continue as damaged forms, why?? how???

  9. @ Wernher Korff:
    The marvelous medicines that Alex Jones suggested were being held back from us was Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The FDA has refused to allow these two medications to be prescribed. A bit unfair to blame Alex Jones.

  10. Look into PCR-Free Human Genome sequencing and Mitochondrial DNA from Human Blood and Cell Lines for High Quality Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

    Mitochondrial DNA is under attack

    China possesses the entire world’s largest DNA bank – the following was published on 31 October 2021: China’s Real-Life Squid Game: ORGAN HARVESTING China has two versions of the hit Netflix series Squid Game
    Levi Parsons published article on 16 October 2021 on
    China has a real-life Squid Game harvesting the organs of political dissidents

  11. @ TonyNZ:
    No dude, those two medicines were already on the market back then. You skipped over operation warp speed with a dandy there. Stop being willingly ignorant!!

  12. Maybe DR Philippe can make the animal connection study part of his blood studies. Take some blood samples of the family pets of the families also, or work with a vet on this . He did mention the oath and imagine if he can save a kid’s life by knowing about the shedding from beloved pets to kids in the family and think that if a vet can know that this pet comes from a vaccinated family or not. Then the vet may take precautions to protect his family and kids again…..?

  13. There is such a law that if you give someone a gun to go and shoot other,(or pass it on) then you are complicit. The faulty Fauci campaign was premeditated and can be proven and with the gain of function mess. Also laws of enticement will apply where he encouraged other to use it and the trials of animals that they did have, but lied about. (there are reports that all died). They lied about it because then that would have been direct evidence that they knew what would happen. Their connection to the CDC and FDA is also proof because now the FDA won’t want to provide all their data on the covid history and they had to decide to give emergency approval based on what?, and they got enough data then to make a decision and that data took them a few months to collect. That data can be given to us that they collected in that short period. That can be a good starting point and the rest can take a few days more. It is obvious they are concealing evidence that is also a crime. Charge a few dumb nurses with murder after a patient died that can be tied to them and use that as a crime situation as to demand the FDA reports immediately.

  14. The blood banks may still take or collect the vaxxed blood and use parts of it, but mostly they were probably instructed by the faulty Fauci brigade to do so as to keep a facade that all is well and they could secretly analyse the blood as well to see what damage was done and how to improve on it to kill better. They can then also test if their tracking system works well with the blood collected and connect it to the id, vax type and date and identify it as placebo or not. No one knows who got placebos and they will know and so they can still use that placebo ‘vaxxed’ person’s blood. People who died due to accidents, may also still donate organs and if they were placebo vaxxed.

  15. These slides of the blood are showing the cells as fixed entities, but maybe if videos could be made of the blood samples in action, then it can be observed that the GO is moving in whip like fashion when exposed to cell phone frequencies or heat etc. The GO in masks showed that they started to move under certain conditions so if the microwave frequencies are higher then the reaction may be more severe and it may thrush and crush and cut the blood cells to pieces and start Ebola like symptoms. This they may do as to cause a so called Ebola outbreak whenever they want it or need it, for political lockdowns. They can play with us like rag dolls and tear us apart. When our numbers have dwindled, then they actually have a stronger position with less objectors making control difficult. If we wait too long to act then we lose strength in numbers.

  16. The Epstein “death” was connected to the vaccine war. Gates was very glad that he ‘died’ and thus a dead Epstein could not give evidence against Gates that the ‘children’ under Epstein and Maxwell were used as to experiment on, and to establish the outcome of the bio weapon vaccines. They knew long ago what they had and how the reset would unfold as DR David Martin discovered with a paper trail of evidence. The vaccines for children were also in place long ago already because to cull earthlings, they had to control their sterility and the heart strength, and the Epstein children were part of it. Gates and Epstein met multiple times and a live Epstein would have to explain what they arranged when questioned by police. Maybe we found the murderers of Epstein? His island was raided and all documents and records destroyed by the complicit fbi.

  17. AAhh yes, and I see Musk’s brain-chip received the same nod as the vaccine from the FDA. Again, I remember in 2015, very clearly, Alex Jones promoting Trump as candidate for president because he would deregulate the FDA to some extent. Ivermectin and HC were already on the market. Those were not the pharmaceuticals (pharmakeia) he was referring to. He was referring to breakthrough technology like mRNA vaccines. You guys should really do your research on this. Trump is a backstabber, and Alex Jones is a Gnostic christian selling a new age of enlightenment. He will speak of Jesus, but sells the wine of Babylon along with it. He is in essence a whore, as the bible would plainly put it.

    Here are Musk’s pigs Philippe referred to, at the end he refers to the FDA.

    I wish I had the ability to find that clip of Alex saying the former, but unfortunately at the time I was a Trump supporter and was promoting him. So I did not think to save the clip as reference.


    They did the same to the Jews.
    Talk to Holocaust survivors.
    It didn’t start with Death Camps.
    It started with.

    1) propaganda.
    2) Scare Mongering.
    3) Scape Goating.
    4) Segregation.
    5) Where do we go to next?

  19. @ Viv:
    You can find information on the web where Yes Other scientists and specialist doctors are showing evidence that this is happening.
    If you think about this agenda it’s quite simple to figure out some of their biggest goals.
    They want the human race changed and controlled along with massive depopulation and total control.
    They want to change the natural human into a non natural human, gmo human if you will, A Pet human that has completely Lost that natural born rights.
    Non Humans have no rights and are owned and this has been judged by the supreme court in a 27 page document. i have the link to that but I am not sure I can leave links here.
    Sick/ill people make them a massive amount of money, the ones that survive the jabs are Pets/non human owned items.

  20. we all know its been like this all the years,, even in the bible times,, the Romans started it,, I always laugh when i think back to how strong and mighty the Italians were these years but today Italy is a drop in the ocean—and how did they do it—threw fear and numbers, a small nation like Italy nearly controlled the whole world,, even today evidence still gets found in Europe of them being far and wide, Hitler did the same by talking fear into the population, in Sout Africa the apartheid regime did it by bringing in fear by promoting the RED CURTAIN BRIGADE story—die rooi gevaar,,===the iron curtain,, all we heard about in 1960/70/80 to get us to go to the border war, now its the virus,,and in the old end its not so deadly as what we are told, fear is being brought into us by saying its so deadly get jabbed,


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