1. Afrikaners always verraai one another. Bet Izak van Zyl will steek Wynand du Toit and vice versa. Afrikaners never stand together that is why die Engelsmanne won the Oorlog. Time to stand together but that will never happen. The ANC know that and are laughing all the way to the Bank.

  2. Prayer never works. Jesus Christ was not a Saviour he was a Avatar.

    This is how Prayer works…….You steal a bike then ask for forgiveness, then all is forgiven by an unseen God in the sky and you still keep the bike. Again WAKE UP. You and only you can steer your life in the direction you want. The HIGHER POWER who created this lives in another DIMENSION. Now go back to SLEEP you CLONES.

  3. @ Robert Doyle:
    There are definitely those that have broken basic common laws that were to be held as our Highest Principles to be adhered to. I grappled with the concept of forgiving them for a long time. I came to the conclusion that if they do not change their behaviour, and make amends, they do not belong. I get your anger.

    I always hear angels singing. I think of it as the universal love of God reminding me always They sing. All the time, We are never alone and we always protected. Be firm. Be clear. Be resolute. There is no other man that can lead anyone. It is our choice and decision.

  4. @ Robert Doyle. To add to that…
    When we are living our own life, it is our God-given life. We must never mess with that of another.
    I know that God exists in this dimension. And no. I am not religious but have studied all those that I know of. We must essentially be what makes us happy…

  5. @ Robert Doyle:
    Sorry to say my friend, your are lost. You will pay the price one day for your blasphemy against the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You have no clue who you are dealing with.
    Remember, Jesus is standing at the door of your heart and knocking, it is up to you to open that door. There is no handle on the outside.
    If you do not have The Light in your life, how dark must it be?
    And no, I do not what to go into a debate with you. It is senseless to debate with an atheist who does not know his Creator.
    Everything is not lost, Jesus Christ still love you – it is up to you to accept or reject the price that he paid for your soul. Keep on being your own god and see where you land up.
    I say this with respect to you because I feel sorry for you.
    I can’t judge you because there is only ONE who will judge one day – Jesus Christ. Please take note of that.

  6. I think the General should have his followers establish links with the various community area groups that successfully defended against the last round of riots in July…that would probably be a successful strategy…

  7. VIV .YOU SAY .I always hear angels singing. I think of it as the universal love of God, WELL LOT OF PEOPLE IN HOSPITALS ROUND THE WORLD ON STRONG MEDS HEAR STRANGE THINGS ..GET A GRIP.

    Robert Doyle ek stem saam met jou . the oorlog was lost because the Rothschild bank were financing it . they invented the concept of south africa on paper 1909 .the soon s a is split up in to 7 counties the better .i wish only poverty and sickness and hell on s a Marxist filth .

  8. Robert Doyle you sound just like that lamprecht dude in Taiwan hes from carletonville . he mentions many times the sky daddy god .the church in s a is washed up doing haas weddings .

  9. I should have said I agree with the General’s idea to link up with the various community policing and other neighborhood watch groups….😘😘😘

  10. @ jaco hunter:
    Never dismiss or disgrantle another person’s personal experience with God.

  11. @ Robert Doyle:
    Hey Robert, I think you are the one that needs a wake up call.
    I will pray for you to have a supernatural encounter with Jesus so that you can also experience God’s love and grace in your life.
    So that can taste and see how good it feels to have an intimate relationship with Him.
    Seems like you need His mercy for yourself and others…bigtime!

  12. @ jaco hunter:
    I don’t even take aspirin. I take no meds because I do not get sick. I eat normal food. I follow my God-given conscience and common sense. I am just sharing what I have experienced.

    NEVER smear your meaningless crappy theories on me!

  13. Funny how many times Mr Ramphosa mentions that ” we shall rebuild the country”. Rebuild what???????????

  14. @ danielfx:
    Dis nogals snaaks dat jy dit goedvind om die BL af te skiet en die De Vries projek daardeur te probeer bemark. In enige maatskappy is die voltydse werknemers geregtig op vergoeding. Jy probeer so hard om n goeie inisiatief te kelder deur die valse beeld wat jy skep. Hoop jy is op die regte plek en regte tyd as die vyand toeslaan. BL sal nie jou wil help nie. As jy enigsins jou sout werd was as n offisier, sou jou verantwoordelikheidsgebied floreer het. Uitstekende leierskap het nadat jy weggejaag is, die Oos Kaap in ‘n aktiewe streek ontwikkel waar ons mense aktief betrokke is by allerlei aktiwiteite en weeklikse opleiding. Jy is so besig om jou broer onder die bus te probeer ingooi, dat jy nou die bus heeltemal verpas het. Leiers staan uit. Miskien moet jy by iemand soos Cavin en sy span gaan kers opsteek oor deursettimgsvermoee en toewyding. Jy is die enigste drommel wat self glad nie subskripsie fooie betaal het nie en nou wil kerm. Kom ek vertel jou sommer waaroor jou relaas eintlik gaan. Jou ywer om van Izak ontslae te probeer raak het lelik in jou gesig ontplof. Jy het wraak gesweer, want jy het alles probeer om Izak van binne die BL te probeer diskrediteer met jou beledigende en bose leuens. Dit het in jou gesig ontplof. Kan seker nie lekker wees om op n openbare groep oneervol gefire te word nie ne? Hou jou eerder besig met iets konstruktiefs. Hierdie tipe kommentare gaan jou geen positiewe punte gee in jou fatale poging om bekendheid te probeer verwerf nie. Dis lafhaarts wat so probeer publisiteit kry. Sies

  15. Scott just a reminder. Mandela’s words was kill all whites the ones you didn’t kill chase them back to Cape town and into the sea where they came from.

    Listening to this, tells me the anc looted this country deliberately in order to comply with the new w order, because he told them live on tv that he will be ready for the new w order in 2025. This could be what’s going on tearing the country down to get to the citizens. The anc will pay them to do what they want them to as from 23 Aug. VERY POSSIBLE.

    We have already had people watching the houses patrol the streets in Kempton Park. Pomona. They also pretended to work for the municipalities and ask questions.

  16. Sorry another thing. Zuma and the Zulu people STATED they don’t want anything to do with the vaccines or anything from the western countries. They specifically named Bill Gates.

    They made this point very clear!

    They want to live like the people in Zimbabwe free and also they don’t want Zuma to go to jail. We cannot trust the police 100%
    Seen a bit too much of their corruption as well.

  17. People always mock what they do not understand,….what we are experiencing is exactly what is described in the Holy Scriptures. The Bible was a term the Europeans (Oculus Omni) and the roman cult (Carolingian’s) ascribed to scripture but be that as it may everything happening around us is described in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. Col 2:8 Beware lest any man deceive you though philosophy and vein deceit, after the rudiments of the world, after the traditions of men and not after Christ.

    At the same time we need to prep and band together to protect our families, our neighbors, our country & our faith.

    Luke 22:36 KJV Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

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