1. There’s an army of Sieners sybokke on the rise. We stand with the boere. We’re unconventional and know the dirty tricks.

  2. So glad to see the General looking so well…😃😃😃But disturbed to hear that the populations of white squatter camps are growng…

  3. Wow, I need bring the attention of our Volk or Race, and those who were involved with us way before 1652.( I have proof of our life i South Africa as long ago as 1401).
    No matter how many times we wil be going on our knees for guidance and how many times we shout and jump up and down in South Africa for what we perceive as sharing Governing when it has nothing to do with sharing.
    We are the Frogs in the Pot and we need to understand how many times they will be placing fire wood under the pot, till we jump out and leave our country.
    Dr Henrik Verwoerd, gave a reasonable account of land distribution as he saw fit in his days, and if we look at it then we realise that those were the first days of Black Invasion and he tried to soften the blow by giving them access to our territories in work and food to survive in their own area’s. It was Black invasion from Central African poor countries since 1847.
    Bantustans or Homelands was and remains their given land.I you as White or Asian occupy it, by virtue of farms and towns then pack up and leave urgently.
    We only have two methods to resole this Black African Invasion. Forget the involvement of the NEW WORLD ORDER Countries who sold us out to the Black Races in 1994.
    We need to take back our country be it by legally means which does not work, or by force which will work.
    We need to declare independence from not just the Black Races in power, but from the rest of the New World Order Ashkenazi Jewish Rulers, and this goes for many countries who were part of the Commonwealth who reoccupied those countries without the input of the past civilizations be they White or Black or Asians.We now have that valuable past input and claims to the countries which goes way back to early 1100. Our cities in South Africa show ages older than 850 years, which means years before Jan van Riebeek. Forget the Koi San, they never occupied anything and were wondering hunters all over Africa.
    In short again. We will have to go to War to take back our country regardless the input of the World Powers not wanting us to be in South Africa or Africa for that matter.
    All South African Europeans, Asians and Coloured Folk (Capetonians), if you want peace and safety. Pack up and move tot he WESTERN CAPE. This is where the last stand will take place, and then our return to taking back our parts of the rest of South Africa which hash been invaded. (NO AMOUNT OF NEGOTIATING WITH WHO EVER WILL FIX THIS RACIST MAD GENOCIDAL PROBLEM EVER! We need to use force to et what belongs to us. How long will it take to understand this fact.
    We now have no more time and action needs to be taken.
    Boere Legioen needs to pull up their breaches and many other similar organizations, and get together urgently, ere in the Western Cape and set up the right Command Structures for Governing our Independent Country.SOUTHERN REPUBLIC – ZUIDER REPUBLIEK
    Peace and safety to you all.
    Kind regards.

  4. Where is General Isaac van zyl’s video? How is it that utube is accessing loving life and interfering with loving life?


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