1. An important question to ask…can cloning be age specific, thus can a person be cloned to be exactly the same as when the cells were ‘drawn’ for cloning?. Can a clone be made of a grown person but that the cloned result will be a baby or young person that can grow up to be like the grown person? Thus for example a Joe Biden can be cloned to look like him now and another clone can be made of a young Biden still to become an adult. How long does it take to ‘grow’ a clone in an incubator? Surely the company that did the cloning must register the clone like manufacturing cars in a factory and they are responsible for the clone and a new id and they have rights over the product and can treat the product like a patent with the right to end the ‘life’ of the product or to sell it or to sell the body parts?. Is the clone a legal entity that can enter into contracts or is the cloning company seen as the guardian that can be sued and not the clone. Can a clone get a drivers license?

  2. We are truly living in prophetic times according to the word of God the bible

  3. Is it murder to destroy a clone? If a clone commits a crime does the original get prosecuted? Does a clone have a soul?

  4. Not a good idea to play God. I don’t think our Creator likes what is being done

  5. The “lost chord” only belongs to God, the Creator of heaven and earth.
    Humans will NEVER ever reach the point where they will play god over the creation.
    Humans are there to LOOK AFTER GODS CREATION – not create it.
    Jesus said “I am the LIFE , THE WAY and THE WAY”
    The sooner the human race will realize it the better for everybody here on earth.

  6. The antychrist will say the a embrio is not a human yet, but it’s not true.


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