1. we all know what really happened,,its no conspiracy theory,, why was the cargo list never revealed in Japan,, they all know what gets loaded and whatnot, listen to the messages between the cockpit and the towers, its all on youtube,

  2. and why were some of the accusations made never refuted by NP party, even the ANC made accusations that they had to pay out millions if not billions of rand to prevent the SAA not going bankrupt because of the story about what was aboard the flight,had something to do with the insurance company, as of the families could sue either SAA of NP party, cant remember the right way, ANC said at one time that is where lots of the money went to after 1994 elections as they had to stand in for the money to prevent billions of rands being paid out,,

  3. Interesting. I had some south african retard calling me “disingenuous” when I said that the SA military engaged Russians directly in the border war. This Retard claimed that Russians were only advisers.

    Now Jan confirms what I have been saying all along.
    Thank you .

  4. USA always betrayed the whites in Africa and SA knew what they had done to the close neighbor (Portugal). Since the end of WWI USA wanted to replace the old nation-based empires by the corporate-based empires and the first power that was hit by USA was the British. The struggled UK suffered following WWII to place the British corporations in conditions to compete with the USA corporations was enormous. The USA strategy won and it was a matter of time to implement it to all the others white ruled countries. In Angola when the SADF was close to Luanda, during the Operation Savannah, on the eve of Angola´s independence Henry Kissinger threatened SA with retaliations if the SADF didn´t withdraw: that changed totally the fate of SA and it was the start of the end

  5. I have researched this story since the Aircraft went into the Sea, I came to the conclusion that was it was an illegal cargo unlisted in the manifest rocket fuel, Terrorism and false accusations are the reason for the interview tonight the Comet jet was . South Africa was first world at this time, race has nothing to do with this, ANC isn’t capable but the allies maybe I look forward to your attachments

  6. in 1975 or 1976 i think the SADF was basically busy entering Luanda when President Ronald Reagan threatened Ben Voster that if they enter Luanda they withdraw all their money and assistance as far as i know, the troops could see the lights of the town so close they were to the town, i was myself on the border and in 1982 we went into Angola 180 kilos to supply the troops with supplies,in 1977 SADF was busy training Angolan troops in South West Africa,, America was supplying SADF with lots of things, , we will never know the truth about what happened, don’t think it will ever come out, what really happened to the plane,

  7. @Loving Life:- Video Unavailable, This video contains content from Anthem Entertainment (Film/TV), who has blocked it in your country on copy right grounds.

  8. Jan Lamprecht – a great guy. An upholder of the truth. The copyright excuse is very very poor. This is no reflection on this website.
    In my opinion, based on the underlying connections:
    1. US Government – the dark side of it – politicians and government and main stream media owned and subverted by the ‘ Deep State” or illuminati.
    2. The South African connection is simply – more illuminati cronies – look at Mandela, Mbeki, Ramaphosa and of course their Oppenheimer and Rupert bosses.
    3. Then look at the CCP of China – before 1994 the ANC had teams in China learning how to ‘control’ large populations.
    In the USA the the ANC had other teams visiting the IRS to learn how to squeeze the population in impoverishment and slavery in the interests of POWER and MONEY but really to increase the satanistic hold of the so called elites.
    In the mix of all this intrigue remember China’s hidden interests of conquest. KEN FLOWER – Double Agent. While head of Rhodesian intelligence, Flower also worked for MI6, the KGB, East European intelligence, the CIA, and a number of African intelligence networks and per report was connected to China. It was astonishing that Prime Minister Robert Mugabe was content to keep Ken Flower in the role of head of CIO after majority rule in 1980, when the country’s name changed to Zimbabwe”.
    Add in to this the fact that the USA Central Intelligence Agency is just about guaranteed to have a hand in the mix.

    Who can trust any politician, any intelligence agent or their bosses.

    The fact the above was blocked means simply that the untruth games continue. It makes no matter at all, as the world is changing every day for the better. God’s judgement will yet come home to everyone including all elites and their supporters. Money and power are as nothing when facing true judgement.

  9. I agree with Jan that this was terrorism.
    My opinion is that the most likely culprits were CIA from the USA who are stooges for the illuminati.

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