1. OMG…this walk of faith is turning into a soap opera…Poor Jarret, does he at least have the support vehicle assisting him along the way???🤨🤨🤨

  2. How is he eating and getting water during his walk with no money to purchase anything…

  3. Jarrett has got enough money to get him to Cape Town but no support vehicle. That luxury, thanks to the generosity of the Loving Life family and Edward’s deceit is now restricted to Edward alone who fled Edenburg and now uses the support vehicle using the money that was supposed to be shared for this purpose. Jarrett has been left without any support but is continuing the walk regardless. I will reveal all the background to what I am now calling Edward’s “walk of shame” on Saturday.

  4. Im so glad Jarrett is safe and well . He will make it . He is committed and knows his destiny. He will be supported and rewarded accordingly . Much more is yet to be and this is only the start .
    Blessings to you Jarret. Vasbyt .


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